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Beatrice Beecham's Ship of Shadows (Beatrice Beecham, Book 2) by Dave Jeffery

Release date: November 16, 2018
Subgenre: Superatural YA

About Beatrice Beecham's Ship of Shadows:


Beatrice is back to face her greatest threat since. . .well, the last time!

In Cooper’s Cove a hapless team of archaeologists unleash the vengeful spirit of a 16th Century witch on the sleepy seaside town of Dorsal Finn. Hexes and curses fly as Beatrice and her friends must find out what links the appearance of this incredible foe and The Spirit of the Ocean, a super-yacht hosting the biggest celebrity charity event the town has ever seen.

As the population of Dorsal Finn succumbs to witchcraft, so Beatrice must gate-crash the party with her motley-crew of friends and allies in the hope of stopping the witch's sinister plan, and save everyone from endless oblivion. . . Again.

This novel is great for those who like their supernatural adventures laced with humour, sinister action and mystery. Fans of Stranger Things, The Goonies, The Librarians, The Monster Squad, Ghostbusters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Nancy Drew will delight in the antics and adventures of Beatrice and her off-the-wall friends.

Murder. Mystery. Monsters. Welcome to the world of Beatrice Beecham!

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.




Chapter Four

Elmo stood outside the gates of Dorsal Finn High School, his large frame clad in his usual black tee-shirt, blue jeans and training shoes. Deep in thought, he considered what he’d witnessed during the game. 
At first, things were going as predicted, with his school team scoring early in the first half, and fellow Newshound, Emily, making two crucial saves as the opposition sought to reassert itself with an equaliser. By half time, however, the home team were two goals to nil up.
Then came the second half and things went kind of weird. Well, even Elmo knew this was a colossal understatement. By the first fifteen minutes, AOS FC had smashed four goals past Emily before she was substituted. Then Millie Weatheroak put away three more. End result: seven goals to two, and quite possibly the most humiliating defeat in a long, long time.
It was not this that had Elmo mulling things over in his quiet, considered brain, though. It was a concern for Emily. Because even before she came through the school gates and threw her kit bag angrily onto the pavement, Elmo knew things were not quite what they appeared to be.
“What happened?” he signed to her.
“Bad stuff,” Emily signed back.
Elmo thought that perhaps he’d misread her signing, but Emily’s reply came to him in large agitated movements to accentuate her irritation.
He responded after she’d finished. “Bad stuff? Slow down. You mean losing the game, right?”
“No,” she said in exasperation. “Bad stuff made this happen!”
“Okay,” Elmo said carefully. “Can you explain it?”
Emily took in air, letting it go as one long hiss. Her shoulders sagged a little as though she was deflating like a faulty inflatable at a kid’s birthday party.
Explaining such things was not always easy, even to the well-meaning, open-minded boy standing before her. The problem was always where to start.
Emily had powers. Precognition, extra-sensory perception, foresight, whatever name people wanted to give to it, she had the ability to see things, and while these images were not always bad, more often than not they had very real meaning, and their interpretation was not always clear.
Despite this, and under the intent and considered gaze of Elmo, Emily explained her vision.



About Dave Jeffery:

Dave Jeffery is author of 12 novels, two collections and numerous short stories. His Necropolis Rising series and yeti adventure Frostbite have both featured on the Amazon #1 bestseller list. His YA work features critically acclaimed Beatrice Beecham series and Finding Jericho, a contemporary mental health novel which has featured on the BBC Health and the Independent Schools Entrance Examination Board’s recommended reading lists. Jeffery is a member of the Society of Authors, British Fantasy Society (where he is a regular book reviewer), and the Horror Writers Association. He is also a registered mental health professional with a BSc (Hons) in Mental Health Studies and a Master’s Degree in Health Studies. Jeffery is married with two children and lives in Worcestershire, UK.


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