Thursday, May 22, 2014

Threats of Sky and Sea by Jennifer Ellision

Sub Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Release Date: May 16, 2014

ABOUT Threats of Sky and Sea:

Sixteen year-old Breena Perdit has spent her life as a barmaid, innocent to her father's past and happily free from the Elemental gifts that would condemn her to a life in the Egrian King's army. Until the day that three Elemental soldiers recognize her father as a traitor to the throne and Bree's father is thrown in jail--along with the secrets from his last mission as the King's assassin. Secrets that could help the King win a war. Secrets he refuses to share.

Desperate to escape before the King's capricious whims prove her and her father's downfall, Bree bargains with him: information for their lives. It's a good trade. And she has faith she'll get them both out of the King's grasp with time.

But that was before the discovery that she's the weapon the King's been waiting for in his war.

Now, time is running out. To save her father's life and understand her own, Bree must unravel the knot of her father's past before the King takes his life-- and uses her to bring a nation to its knees.


When the dimly lit tavern is finally clear of anyone who doesn’t belong there, Da grabs the sack of the night’s profits for us to count out, while I let myself fall, stomach first, onto a bench. My breeches will be pulled even more than they already are from the splinters in the wood, but I can’t bring myself to care.

"I’m dying,” I groan. "The Makers are calling me home. I can see the light of the Great Beyond.” I turn on my side to look at Da through one eye. "Tell the cat I loved her.”

"We haven’t got a cat. There’s that stray that’s been lurking about. She’s taken a shine to me.

"Ah. Well then. Tell her yourself when you see her in the morn.”

"No sympathy for those at death’s door. I see how it is.”

I peer at the modest pile of copper, silver, and a hint of gold. The hustle in my step tonight may have been worth it. “How’d we do?

”You get to eat another day.

I stretch, sitting up. “That’s a comfort. Do I get to enjoy a roof over my head with my meal?
Jennifer Ellision spent a great deal of her childhood staying up past her bedtime with a book and a flashlight. When she couldn’t find the stories she wanted to read, she started writing them. She loves words, has a soft spot for fanfiction, and is a master of the fangirl flail. She resides in South Florida with her family, where she lives in fear of temperatures below 60 Fahrenheit.
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  1. I love speculative fiction! But I had no idea that was the name for it. I love reading about different worlds and settings that could be a metaphor for our own. I read a LOT of YA Fantasy, it's not only fun but also thought provoking, and it's always a plus when the author injects their creativity in the world they decided to create.

    1. Nadinax, When I discovered "speculative fiction" it was kind of a light bulb moment too:) Your points about the different worlds, their metaphor aspect, and spec-fic being thought-provoking in general are some of the key elements I love too. Thanks for stopping by! Heidi

  2. I like speculative fiction because I love to imagine different peculiar things like what it would be like if we could space travel and all.

    1. Ray, Me too:D I also love fantasy settings where the world is just a little—or a lot—different. Thanks for stopping by! Heidi