Thursday, November 20, 2014

Celebrate Imagination - A guest post by Deirdre Gould

Today, we welcome Deirdre Gould here at the Speculative Fiction Showcase to talk about the Celebrate Imagination event: 
So what is Celebrate Imagination anyway? It’s a new event including a party and epic book sale for Science Fiction and Fantasy lovers. On November 20th, 26 authors will be hosting a facebook event to kick off the holiday season. We’ll be giving away ebooks, paperbacks, audiobooks and other goodies. One lucky winner will receive a Kindle Paperwhite chock full of science fiction and fantasy novels. We’ll also be doing our favorite thing, talking to readers!
 In addition to giveaways, we will have dozens of books listed at huge discounts and for free. They run the gamut including paranormal, space opera, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, cyberpunk, and techno thrillers. For a sneak peek at our entire catalog, the sales we’ll be offering and to grab a few free reads to tide you over until then, visit Celebrate Imagination at .
 Tell your friends, come to the party, win great stuff. Most of all, it’s a celebration of the science fiction and fantasy stories we all love. We’ll have reviewers, bloggers, podcasters, readers, and authors all mingling and getting our geek on.
Our event kicks off on November 20th on Facebook here:  and linked free books will be free at least for that day (most will be free for the weekend following) and discounted books will start that day as well.  We've prepared links to our free books on amazon here:
and to all other vendors as well, on our own site here: 
 And discounted books (all 2.99 or below):
and on our own site for all vendors: 
About Deirdre Gould:  
Deirdre Gould lives in Central Maine with her three children and husband. She's also resided in northern Idaho, coastal Virginia and central Pennsylvania, but all of them just led her back home.The winters sure are cold, but that just means the zombies run slower. The area is isolated, but that just means the apocalyptic diseases don't spread as quickly. And the storms are bad enough that no one thinks you're crazy for "prepping." It's kind of ideal for a post-apocalypse writer when you think about it.
Visit her website, follow her on Twitter or buy her books at Amazon.

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