Monday, February 9, 2015

The Null by Vincent Trigili

Release date: January 28, 2015
Subgenre: Superheroes, thriller

About The Null:


He had left that life behind, sworn he would never return to it. He had a new life—a wife, a daughter. He was happy. But in a wretched twist of events, he finds himself forced to reclaim what he once was in order to save those who are most precious to him. Or else…

The Null is a short superhero thriller that would cover approximately 20-25 pages in a traditional paperback.



“Agent Mikian, the only reason you’re still alive right now is because I’ve decided to allow it.”

“One move against me and your daughter is dead,” he said. “Now, we can trade threats back and forth, or we can get to the point.”

“Then get to the point.”

“Samuel escaped.”

“Ah, I see. That is quite a problem for you.” Samuel was one of a very limited number of natural telepaths. He was also the most dangerous criminal mastermind ever to plague society.

He leaned in close. “You think you’re safe from him? You think your family is safe?”

“Of course we are. We have government agents like you to protect us, don’t we? What could ever go wrong?” I tried hard not to choke on these words. I had more reason to hate these agents than any criminal did.

“Very funny.” He leaned back in his chair and looked me over. I could tell he was nervous around me. I didn’t need to be a telepath to know that. The beads of sweat across his forehead, the fidgeting of his hands, his closed posture… they told me volumes. “I’ll make this simple for you. Capture him and bring him back to us, dead or alive, and your family goes free. Fail, and they will suffer for your crimes.”

“Tell me, Agent Mikian: why should I trust you?” I asked.

“Let’s not play games. There’s no trust in our relationship. If I had my way, you’d be dead, and I’m sure that feeling is mutual right now.” He slid a datapad over to me. “On this pad is everything we have on him. It’ll give you a place to start.”

I smiled, because I knew it worried him to see me smile. “What makes you think I can’t kill you where you sit?” I stood up then, allowing the restraints to fall to the floor. “Did you really think those could hold me?”

He attempted to jump out of his seat but I pushed him back down and leaned in real close. “Do you feel that?” I slowly let some of my power into his mind. “That is what nothingness feels like, Agent Mikian. Your mind can’t comprehend it. Nature abhors a vacuum, and that is all you will get from me.”




About Vincent Trigili:

Vincent, father and husband of nearly two decades, holds degrees in both Math and Computer Science. In addition, he has published an astronomy journal, numerous articles, poetry and other works.
He got his start in writing fiction as a small child, losing himself in the worlds he dreamed up in order to escape the doldrums of normal life. Now, using his formal education and extensive career experience, he excels in creating fictional worlds of depth and rich fantasy, while maintaining a foundation of reality based on science and technology.

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  1. I've been an avid fan of Vincent Trigili's work since he published the first book in The Lost Tales of Power series. He is an imaginative writer who draws his audience in immediately. The Null is different than his other books but I found it to be just as well-written and intriguing. If you enjoyed The Null then you'll love his Lost Tales of Power Series as well as his short stories that are published in anthologies. I hope that Mr. Trigili will consider turning The Null into a novel.

    1. Glad you enjoyed The Null and the Lost Tales of Power series.