Monday, April 20, 2015

Time Quirks by A. Peter Perdian

Release date: April 12, 2015
Subgenre: Military science fiction space colonisation

About Time Quirks:

*** Quirky Time Portals ***

Time Quirks is a science fiction novella, a tale of alien colonizers desperately searching for a new home. Long-range sensors and remote probes have located a distant planet that meets the requirements of their species. A ship is sent to investigate this new world, but upon taking up orbit around the planet, the ship's crew encounters a major problem. The world is already occupied.


Jazloo faced the captain in his private study adjacent to the ship's briefing room, trying not to lose her temper. "I can't believe you're seriously planning on bringing back live bipeds for dissection." She'd waylaid Tusec in the corridor outside his quarters as his sleeping cycle ended, demanding to speak with him about the upcoming shuttle mission to the planet below.


An odd prickling sensation engulfed Eric. "What the—" He stopped in mid-sentence, scared at what felt like crawling bugs on his flesh. The frightening sensation raced inward until it imploded at its point of convergence. His feeling of being compressed into nothingness vanished, smothering his scream.



"How do you know the Master's niece?"
"Go get her," he said, his voice commanding more authority than he felt. "She’ll know who I am."
While the armed slave stayed with him, the other went to wake Cloelia. He'd bought himself a little time, but what would happen when they returned? Would this Cloelia be the same Cloelia as before?

* * *

Gabriella's eyes and mouth were wide open. A moment ago, she'd halfway believed Eric was delusional, but she'd just watched him vanish. She stared at the shimmering light, and then haltingly approached it until she was directly in front of it.
She stared up at the column's capital. In the sunlight, the radiation emitted by it was clearly visible as it filled the open doorway with a transparent white light. On the other side of the shimmering curtain, the rest of the ruins were clearly visible. Eric wasn't anywhere to be seen. She tried to swallow as excitement and fear played havoc with her emotions. She then reached out with her right hand, tempted to touch the shimmering light, to follow Eric to . . . to wherever he'd gone. After all, she was an archaeologist, and she could think of no better way to explore the past.
As common sense took hold, she jerked her hand away. You don't just stroll into the past, she scolded herself. You have to be prepared. Besides, she needed to guard the entrance. She hurried back to the column and grabbed Eric's daypack before moving to the edge of the slope. With a view of his Land Rover at the bottom of the hill and a view of the ruins in the other direction, she struggled to take it all in.
Was Eric now in the past? Was time travel really possible? She trembled as she replayed the image in her mind that she'd just witnessed. What were the implications? And how were the aliens involved? She mumbled to herself as one question after another rose up. How would this impact her? The three of them? The world?
The edges of her mouth turned down as she remembered her husband's warning last night. He'd said that the Italian government was under intense pressure by their allies, especially the Americans, to launch a full-scale search of Tuscany for the alien receiver. She dropped to the ground and pulled her phone out of Eric's daypack.
"Hi, it's me," she said as her husband answered. "It's all real, Dean. I saw Eric vanish right in front of me. No, I'm serious. There was a white shimmering light just like he said. Yes, I'm sure. He vanished. No, he's not hiding from me." She rolled her eyes, unsure of how to convince him as she remembered her own denial. "I don't know if he's in the past. All I know is he vanished." As she waited for him to stop talking, she shook her head. "Yes, it looks like the receiver's hidden inside the capital. Uh-huh. Okay. Sundown, yes, it's still on."




About A. Peter Perdian:

A. Peter Perdian is an American writer with ten e-books currently available. His aim is to entertain with thought provoking tales. He lives in the Pacific Northwest and his work is available in Amazon's Kindle Store.

When not writing, he enjoys the outdoor activities the Pacific Northwest provides, such as biking, hiking and climbing. He also enjoys traveling and exploring new places. As for reading material, his preferences are all over the spectrum.

The title of his latest book is "Time Quirks," a science fiction novella published on April 13, 2015.

His next tale will be published sometime between the end of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016.

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