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The Holeys in the Wall by Helen Ryan

Release date: June 29, 2015
Subgenre: Children's fantasy

About The Holeys in the Wall:

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! KABOOM!

Bo had never heard anything like it before. Red and white dust was everywhere and big bits of the Wall crumbled away.

‘Holey terror!’ shouted Mr Buzz in Bo’s left ear. ‘Take cover!’

What would you do if your world was falling apart? Run, hide or try and save the day? The Holeys all live in a gigantic stone wall that is beginning to crumble and fall. They are frightened if the Wall falls what will become of their home?

Bo is the youngest Holey. He is asked to go where no Holey has gone before, beyond the Wall. He must seek the mysterious Builder who the Holeys believe will save them. Bo discovers there is more to life than the Wall that houses them all.

But what happens if Holeys don’t follow the rules?
Well everyone follows the rules. Don't they?



Chapter 1
The Holeys

There stands a great big wall full of Holey people and nothing else. Yes, that’s what you just read. Read it again if you don’t believe me. Go on give it another go!
There are no busy schools, no libraries to learn in, no noisy playgrounds, no humming computers, no open doors or closed windows, no rotten rubbish, no happy houses or sweet shops just a wall and Holey people.
The Wall is made out of gigantic ancient stone. It is so bright there is no need for lamp posts, torches or even candles to light the way.
As for the Holeys well, they are very different to you and me. They call themselves Holeys because they have four large holes in their bodies. I am not talking about ear holes, nose holes or mouth holes here. I am talking about enormous gaping holes.
Hole No. 1 is very important. It is on top of a Holey’s head. This hole houses little people. These people have families just like you and me.
Hole No. 2 is in a Holey’s chest. It holds acres upon acres of lush crops and orchards full of colourful fruit to feed everyone.
Hole No. 3 has all sorts of animals roaming around in it, from sharp toothed sharks swimming in deep blue seas to scratching monkeys in dark jungles. They all live in a Holey’s hairy belly button.
Hole No. 4 is a weird one, it is in the back. This is where the weather is kept. Lightening, thunder, sun, hail, rain and snow all play happily side by side.
The Holeys are great big giants and their job is to hold up the Wall.

Chapter 2

‘What do you mean the Wall is cracking?’ asked Bo, biting his lip. He looked up at his giant Holey mum and dad who were stuck into the Wall.
‘I can feel it giving way,’ said Bo’s dad.
‘Don’t worry the boy,’ said Bo’s mum.
‘I don’t understand,’ said Bo.
‘How could you understand son?’ said his mum sadly. ‘You are free to move around until you take up your place in the Wall. We can feel every little change happen. The Wall is our home and our life. It is part of us and we are part of it.’
‘I know I am only eight but if I joined you in the Wall maybe I could help,’ said Bo.
‘No son, you are too young. Your body is not strong enough yet for the Wall,’ said Bo’s dad. ‘Holey rules.’
‘But Dad!’ shouted Bo.
‘Now lad,’ said Bo’s dad. ‘Off you go and enjoy your freedom while you can.’
But Bo didn’t go find his mates on this day. He hid in a deep hole in the Wall to think.
Those awful Holey rules! thought Bo. Crumbs, I can’t blame the rules. They are there to help us keep up the Wall for everyone’s good. The rules can’t be broken.
The Holey rules are:
Holey Rule No 1: Holeys must not let the Wall fall.
Holey Rule No 2: Holey fathers and mothers are to be obeyed above all others.
Holey Rule No 3: Holeys must have control of their four holes especially the weather and hold it all together.
Holey Rule No 4: Young Holeys take up their place in the Wall when they grow tall.
Holey Rule No 5: Holeys once and for all should never go to the end of the Wall.
But what happens if Holeys don’t follow the rules? Well everyone follows the rules.




About Helen Ryan:

Helen Ryan was born in Wexford in the South-East of Ireland.
She worked in the science and technology world for many years receiving her Masters of Science Degree from Dublin Institute of Technology. Helen has a life long love of the written word a passion ignited in early childhood by her mother. In recent years Helen worked as a teacher another passion of hers. She is now busy writing in a happy house, in a tiny town in Ireland with her husband and three kids.

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