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Twiceborn Endgame (Book 3 of The Proving) by Marina Finlayson

Release date: December 9, 2015
Subgenre: Urban fantasy

About Twiceborn Endgame

Half human, half dragon, all vengeance.
No one said being half dragon would be easy, but Kate O’Connor’s life has gone completely off the rails. She thought she’d won the succession war between the daughters of the dragon queen, until a shocking betrayal changed everything.

Now seven new sisters have joined the fray, a sinister government taskforce is gunning for her, and the Japanese queen has hit town, bent on snatching the throne for herself. Worst of all, her beloved son has been abducted.

The shifter world has never seen a proving like this one, but then, there’s never been a dragon quite like Kate before. She’ll need her human ingenuity as well as her dragon magic to save her son and everyone she holds dear. The final moves in the deadly endgame take her from goblin caves to Japanese palaces as she races against the clock to snatch victory from the dragon jaws of defeat.

Twiceborn Endgame is the third book in the urban fantasy trilogy The Proving


Naturally my sycophantic lizard of an ex-husband had chosen to hole up with our kidnapped son at the Park Hyatt, with its million-dollar harbour views. The graceful white sails of the Sydney Opera House curved against the sky just across the busy waters of Circular Quay, with the larger harbour spread out beyond it. At this time of night the lights on the rich northern shore twinkled like a fairyland. If there was a more perfectly located hotel in Sydney, or a more expensive one, I hadn’t heard of it.

Nothing but the best for Jason. Even before I’d known he was a dragon his taste for luxury had been obvious. The dragon bit just made it more understandable. Beats me how he’d ever settled for a small suburban life with Lachie and me, even for a couple of years. No wonder he’d kept disappearing on those “business trips”. He was probably off living the high life again. Playing happy families was a novelty that soon wore off.

Car doors slammed as we got out on Hickson Road. Dave had found a parking spot just down from the hotel. He was a small guy with a big heart and fully human, or I would have suspected there’d been magic involved. Were there such things as parking fairies? Even at nearly eleven o’clock at night, a parking spot in the heart of Sydney was hard to come by.

Steve got out and stood next to me, eyes still on his laptop screen. He dwarfed Dave, though that wasn’t saying much. He was half-Maori and built like Schwarzenegger on steroids; he dwarfed most people. The laptop looked like a toy in his massive hands. He was human too, though I wasn’t asking any questions about the legality of the tracking app or whatever piece of computer wizardry it was that held his attention. It had gotten us this far, so I didn’t care. The phone that Lachie had used to call me half an hour ago was in the Park Hyatt, according to Steve, and that was all I needed to know to get my son back.

The rest of us weren’t human, though we looked it at the moment. Delicate little Luce was actually a wyvern, and even in human form wasn’t someone you wanted to meet in a dark alley at night, despite looking like a petite Chinese doll. The surly brute hulking next to her was Garth, and that advice went double for him. He wore his hair short, military-style, and his constant state of alert spoke of a life lived on the edge. I’d already experienced the joy of being attacked by him in his wolf form, and let me tell you, that was not an experience I wished to repeat. And that was in spite of the fact I wasn’t exactly the tame soccer mum I appeared on the outside.

I certainly had been—only a few weeks ago, too—but now there wasn’t a name for what I’d become. “Hybrid” didn’t really cover it. “Half-human, half-dragon” made no mention of the fact that two separate souls, or consciousnesses if you preferred something less metaphysical, had fused to create the person who now called herself Kate O’Connor.



About Marina Finlayson:

Marina Finlayson is a reformed wedding organist who now writes fantasy. She is married and shares her Sydney home with three kids, a large collection of dragon statues and one very stupid dog with a death wish.

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