Saturday, November 19, 2016

PODS! And Other Supernatural Tales by D.F. Holland

Release date: November 11, 2016
Sub-genre: Horror, short stories

About PODS!:

PODS AND OTHER SUPERNATURAL TALES will take you on a spine-tingling voyage, where you’ll encounter deadly sea creatures, cursed objects, custom-made Hells, alien killers and other worlds – all in the blink of a gargoyle’s eye!

Hang on tightly as you read this collection of chilling, supernatural horror and fantasy - from the author of TALES FROM THE BEAUMONT HOUSE.


How did the sky have the audacity to look beautiful while hovering over such a grim scene? The sky was a bright, cheerful blue with barely any clouds within sight. How did the sun dare to come out that day?

The blue-green water sparkled under the massive, white cruise ship. It was a Tropical Island Ship; one the largest and most expensive of its kind. The interior was modern and magnificent, furnished with plush, white carpeting and silver and black accents. The deck had imported velvet-like lounge chairs which surrounded the pool. There were four pools in total. The cabins were luxuriously furnished as well as the many elegant dining rooms; dripping with sparkling chandeliers and atmosphere. Everything was top of the line including the food. Chefs had been imported from around the globe. From a distance the scene was breathtaking. But closer, it was quite a different story. Although passengers were aboard there wasn’t a single sound except for the cry of seagulls above. Their wailing was the only sound that suited this ghastly scene.

A smaller ship approached, breaking the silence and the green water. It had been sent because there had been no communication from the Tropical Island Ship; nothing at all from the Captain, crew or passengers. The families had not heard from their loved ones for quite a while and all were worried. As the crew stepped on board to explore the ship, their jaws dropped open in shock as they viewed perfect skeletons laying aboard lounge chairs, surrounding one of the pools. The stunned crew scattered to search the ship only to find more skeletons. Some seated in dining rooms with food still fresh on their plates. The waiter skeletons remained standing with large trays of food still atop. Others sat as if viewing the menus; as if their skulls contained eyes. Some were in their cabins and others were in gift shops, standing in place. The Captain was at the helm; at least his skeletal remains were. It was like a dinosaur museum-display, where the skeletal remains are posed. There was no blood aboard the ship, not even a blood spatter. It didn’t appear that any type of attack took place. They searched with great caution and with guns pointed as they tip-toed through the massive ship.
Whatever had caused this could have remained on board. They carefully searched the luxury liner and spoke in whispers while their hearts pounded. Only skeletal remains were found; there was nothing left alive on the Tropical Island Ship.

The dazed crew contacted the Coast Guard and they, in turn, contacted other agencies. A helicopter landed on the ship containing police, a forensic expert and a detective. They took several hours to explore the entire cruise ship, taking photos and notes. They gathered on the deck afterwards among the skeletal sun-bathers.

About D.F. Holland

D.F. Holland is a longtime admirer of the Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, the works of Ira Levin and other works of fantasy, sci-fi and horror. TALES FROM THE BEAUMONT HOUSE is the author's first novel. Holland was born and resides in New York and is currently working on a new project.

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