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Chronicles of the Last Days (Dragonsfall, Book 3) by Amelia Smith

Release date: January 31, 2017
Subgenre: Epic fantasy

About Chronicles of the Last Days:


Myril doesn't need prophecy to see that her world is going to end – the city is sinking before her eyes. Foreign ships fill Anamat harbor, bringing traders bent on pillaging the city’s treasures – with help from the governor – as its people flee to hostile lands.

Her guildmaster calls on her to help save the Chronicles of Anamat from the pillagers. Meanwhile, her old friend Darna needs healing, Iola wants to go to her death in the dragons’ realm, and the Defenders are airing their secrets at just the wrong time.

How will any of them survive when the waters rise again?


Darna looked out over the Anamat valley from a border shrine tucked high in the mountains. She’d just glimpsed a dragonlet of Anara, or rather, she thought she might have, but she wasn’t quite sure. With dragonlets, you could never be sure. The scene spread out ahead of her was a different matter. It had definitely changed since she’d last seen it, less than a moon-round before. The sea shone in the midday sun, just as it had then, but now it shone all the way up to its new, muddy banks, far inland from where they’d been before. The road into the city was mostly dry, but water encroached on it near the West Gate Market. An inlet ran up to one of the larger villages, where before there’d been only a stream. Boats moored on its banks in what had once been pasturelands, and a few tents stood nearby.
A quarter of the city was up to its ankles in water. “What have I done?” Darna thought aloud.
You haven’t done anything,” Sunna scolded her. Darna hadn’t meant to speak aloud. “It’s the dragons, getting revenge on the Cereans. Look at them.” She waved her hand at the tents and boats. “Crawling all over us.”
“It looks more like revenge on us,” Raina said. “But Sunna’s right. This is Na’s work, and he answers to no priestess, nor princes either. Maybe the other dragons are all going wild. Even if you moved some bits of stone out of place, you didn’t shake the earth; only they can do that.”
Darna couldn’t explain to them why she’d felt her own hand in the shift of the land, even if it had been a dragon’s force behind it. She’d known where the power ran through the earth and she’d helped to do something that she’d known was not quite right. Then she’d called up the dragon, or at least given Salara strength on that last day, the strength to do this. Salara had given her strength, too, but it had a price. She was pretty sure that the cramps in her gut were only the start of it.
The shift of the earth and the rising of the sea were echoes of what had happened when she and her lover had given strength to a wild dragon, strength to shake off the invaders – and to destroy themselves, it seemed.
“We’d better go on, if we want to get to Raina’s place before dark,” Sunna said.
It seemed absurd to worry about how far they had to walk that day when the city was ruined, or at least well on its way to ruin.
“We won’t get there before dark, even if we could keep up a good pace,” Raina said. They’d been traveling slowly so far because of Darna’s cramps. “We could get in by midnight if we pushed through,” Raina said. She was probably eager to get back to her house and her mostly fosterling children.
The three women set out again, Sunna and Raina flanking Darna, guarding her. The view of the city slid behind the trees for a while. The change in the land had been different in Slaradun. Terrifying there, too, except that she’d been beyond terror in Salara’s embrace. Besides, the province had been so bleak and barren to begin with that it felt almost like a mercy to destroy it, like the death of her lover so soon after he had gone mad. He’d said that he didn’t want to live that way, but she wondered if death was what he’d really wanted in the end.

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The prequel Scrapplings is free throughout February.

About Amelia Smith:

Amelia Smith writes magazine articles about Martha's Vineyard, fantasy sagas about dragons, and blog posts about nothing in particular. To learn more about her, visit

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