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The Boy With The Blue Sky by N.C. Davis

Release date: February 6, 2017
Subgenre: Science fiction short story

About The Boy With The Blue Sky


How far would you go to bring back a loved one from the dead?

Theo returned her stare. 'It's not just a program.'
'Then what the hell is it?' she said.
'It's a digital reconstruction of our son.'

On the anniversary of their young son’s death, teacher Eury can only find peace by descending into an electronically-induced world of dreamless sleep.

Her husband Theo, a music lecturer, is at the end of his tether and has tried everything he can think of to drag Eury out of the darkness. So, in a final act of desperation he acquires software that can digitally resurrect their child.

Will it bring Eury back to him or will the shock drive her deeper into a world of endless slumber?

The Boy with the Blue Sky is a story that shines a light on the steady creep of technology, into the most intimate parts of our lives.

Word count 5083




A firm hand gripped Eury’s wrist and dragged her out of dreamless sleep. As her eyes adjusted to the bedroom’s dusk, Theo’s silhouette formed above her and his dark thumb kneaded her neural tattoo as if to crush a tick.
‘Jesus,’ Eury hissed. She tried to tug her wrist from his grasp. ‘What do you think you are doing?’
He did not loosen his grip. ‘What day is it?’
She clawed at his hand. ‘Stop that. I need it.’
‘It’s been a year, Eury,’ Theo said.
‘I have nothing to wake for.’
He dropped her thin arm back onto the mattress. ‘It’s waiting for you downstairs.’
Eury struggled to sit upright. ‘What’s waiting?’
The door swallowed Theo’s silence as he left the bedroom.
‘Bastard,’ Eury said.  She shifted sun-starved legs over the bedside and the cold tiles felt soft beneath her numbed feet.
‘Curtain,’ she said and the dark window cleared to make a dawn of the midday sun; a year since their world broke into three separate blades.
As Eury entered the living space, she trembled in the wake of an electric breeze; a ghost in a thin white nightslip.
A sliver of glass stood on a low table. It framed a field of amber grasses which swayed beneath a washed out sky. And at its centre cycled Lionel, a small sun-bleached version of his father, on a journey he would never complete.
‘Not this,’ Eury said.
She slapped the frame down and sunk into a sofa as it rose from the floor. The opposite wall kept its pearl camouflage, where once it pulsed pictures of the Westminster Canals, a family party, their son.
‘Theatre,’ said Theo as he entered the living space. Liquid crystal windows cleared their panes of centigrade, then flashed opaque to blot out the sun.
Eury glanced up in the darkness. ‘What’s this all about?’
Theo eased beside her on the seat, but as usual she shrank from his side.
‘Threnody,’ he replied then finally turned to face the wall ahead.
Sudden wind chimes rushed about their ears. Three sparks flit amongst themselves, mere inches from their faces, until they spiraled into a tunnel of light. It exploded into a brightness that blew her irises. The image dimmed and a field emerged, so green that it could not be alive. To their left, a distant yew broke through the earth. To their right, a puff of cumulus blossomed in the sky. Finally, the light dimmed to match the hour even though they could see no sun.
The ident flashed its arrival in the top left corner.
‘What’s three-node?’ said Eury.
‘A gift from me,’ he replied.
She eyed the glass frame on the table, a previous gift, and Eury’s skin cooled.
Then a speck beyond the yew caught her eye. ‘What’s that?’
The speck became a dot. Then it passed the yew to wade through emerald fields. The dot became a silhouette, then- her heart thumped - a boy.

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About N.C. Davis:

N C Davis is a freelance writer and fantasy author who performed her short story, The Red Hibiscus, live at the ABCtales.com EMMA awards in 2003.  When she isn't trying to discover new worldwide folktales, she writes speculative fiction, modern fairytales and dark fantasy stories.

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