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Wanted By The Werewolf Prince (Space Shifters Chronicles, Book 1) by Kara Lockharte

Release date: October 18, 2017
Subgenre: Science fiction shifter romance

About Wanted by the Werewolf Prince:


She's bold, fearless and disobedient--which always gets her in trouble…
He's controlling, demanding, and superior--which always gets him what he wants…
Captain Skye Daring is a space fighter pilot without equal. Rescuing a foreign werewolf prince and his sister from behind enemy lines should be a breeze.
Prince Ral doesn’t take orders from impudent humans. He’s determined to save not only his sister but also the people they left behind. The only thing in his way is a sexy pilot too stubborn to acknowledge his authority.
Stuck in a crippled ship and hunted by tiger shifters, Skye and Ral must stop fighting each other and battle the enemy -- together. Will the prince and pilot drop their guards long enough to conquer their dislike…and desire?




Chapter 1
2356 C.E.
His royal wolfiness, Prince Ral of the House of Nightclaw, Duke of something or other and holder of a ludicrous number of other titles, locked his injured unconscious sister into the med stasis capsule. He turned and approached me in human form. The Prince was covered in grime and blood, his hair matted with dirt, his shirt shredded exposing glimpses of scarred hard muscle.
Filthy never looked so good.
Looking at that chiseled jaw, those too full lips, I knew he was going to be impossible.
People across the galaxy paid lifetimes for that kind of perfection, but cosmetic surgery didn’t work on werewolves. All it meant was that the Prince had had a lifetime of conditioning, a lifetime to believe he was a gift of the stars and a lifetime at exploiting others using his looks, prestige and power.
He turned and watched as the med-bots chimed, “Escort the capsule from the hanger bay.”
I didn’t know what the tiger-shifters had done to her, but I would look at the report later.
A med-bot stumbled.
“Don’t jolt her,” he snarled.
Then the prince stalked toward me.
My exo-armor, with its mirrored visor, and small dull black-scaled plates was designed to make an adversary think twice. But he was completely unfazed, or at least he had the appearance of being so. Men like him knew about facades.
He looked at me as if I were his mother’s serving android. “Be ready, soldier. After we get Princess Seria to safety, we’re coming back to Altai."
A hello, or ‘thanks for risking your lives to save us even though we’re not your subjects,’ would have been nice rather than an order. But this was to be expected. I triggered my exo-armor’s retreat. The helmet and suit opened, folding itself into my harness. The air smelled of exhaust and something burnt.
“Sorry, Your Majesty. Our orders are to one, get you off the tiger’s planet and two, escort both of you to neutral ground on Chandrayaan Station.”
Ice blue eyes focused on me. Nostrils flared taking in my scent. “You’re not one of us.”
I lifted my chin, strengthened my stance. “No. I’m an officer of the United Coalition Space Force. And unfortunately for you, sir, you are not part of my chain of command.”
Surprise cracked his facade. My ship had no markings, and my exo-armor had no insignias. Technically the Coalition and his kidnappers, the Tigrantine Protectorate, were at peace, but if the tigers caught us helping a wolf escape, things probably wouldn’t stay that way.
I threw him a rescue pack. It thumped as it hit the floor between us.
He folded his arms, leaned against a pillar. “The Coalition finally decided to honor their agreements?”
If that was how he wanted to play, so be it. “I have to obey orders. But not from you.”
He stalked forward, trying to intimidate me. “Take me to the captain of this ship. He will see reason.”
The ship jerked to the side. The alarms screamed. I pitched into him and we fell to the floor, me on top of him. My cheek pressed up against the ridges of his naked abdomen.  A mud-covered crotch was microns away from my nose. He smelled of dirt and greenery, things I hadn’t smelled in years.
My co-pilot’s voice blared over the com. “Captain, we’ve got cats up our ass. Lots of them.” | Amazon UK | Instafreebie | Book Trailer

About Kara Lockharte:

Kara Lockharte is the author of the Space Shifter Chronicles. She loves writing romances with sexy alpha alien shifters and strong heroines.

She lives on Planet Earth


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