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Magic's Betrayal by Anna-Violetta Carsini

Release date: August 14, 2017
Subgenre: Epic Fantasy

About Magic's Betrayal


Magic was their best defense...until it betrayed them.

800 years ago, a dark lord invaded the fairy kingdom, planning to steal all that made the lands special. He brought ships and men, but the four fairy groups fought back with their magic. The lord grew impatient and decided to use a much darker magic to destroy them.

An evil sorceress created a crown with the power to defeat the fairies, but they were all betrayed during the final battle. Now, a mysterious prophecy warns that the battle never ended, but will begin anew. Two humans, a noble and commoner, are the key to victory...but the fairy groups must get past their mistrust of each other if they hope to survive.




Pat turned to Jamie and Robin.  “A kelpie’s power is to entrance those, who might injure it.  So, all kelpies look beautiful in their human form.  It’s their only option…unless they try to appear as another being, which takes a great deal of energy and the image cannot be held for very long.”

As they talked, a beautiful woman with auburn hair, green eyes and a sexy smile came up to them.  Robin and Jamie turned and gasped.  “Sam?” asked Jamie.  “Is that you?”

Pat smiled.  “She loves to do that.  Or should I say he?”  With a shimmer, the woman was gone and a man stood before them with red hair, green eyes and that same smile. 

Jamie laughed. “You’re too good looking even as a man.  I can see why it’s difficult not to draw attention to yourself.”

Robin walked up to Sam.  “Can you really look like another person?  Could you look like Liam?” 

Sam waited a moment, then shimmered.  “You mean, could I take his place if we have a chance to rescue him?”  And the red-haired man was gone.  Instead, a tall young man with dark hair stood before them.  He had his hair tied back and his dark brown eyes looked sad. 

Robin gasped and wiped at one eye.  “You do look so much like him.  Do you think we could use the confusion to free my brother?  Could we get Liam out of the castle before you grew too tired?”

Sam smiled at Robin, then shimmered back into the lovely woman with auburn hair.  Touching Robin’s arm, she said, “I would hold the image for however long it takes to get Liam to safety.” 

Pat looked at Jamie and said, “Let’s go.”  As Jamie and Robin walked ahead, Pat fell back with Sam and whispered, “If you do it for too long…it could kill you.”

Sam turned to Pat and said very quietly, “I would do anything to set him free.”


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About Anna-Violetta Carsini:

Anna-Violetta Carsini writes steamy paranormal romantic suspense and epic fantasy. Her book, "Moonlight, Roses & Murder" is the first in this series. "Magic's Betrayal" is an epic fantasy story with fairies, humans, villains and even a shape-shifting kelpie.

These stories are written under the pen name for Lorri Moulton. 

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