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hypnoSnatch (Xeno Relations, Book 1) by Trisha McNary

Release date: March 11, 2018
Subgenre: Humorous Science Fiction, Alien Contact 

About hypnoSnatch:


In the far future, young human Antaska travels to outer space with a gigantic alien. She brings her psychic cat along. Mischievous but evil part-reptile humanoids team up with Antaska’s nemesis--a genetically enhanced fitness instructor--to take revenge on her, but a dangerous alien kidnaps her and spoils their plans. Love and its dark side meet in this fast-paced science fiction dark comedy.

Alien Pets, formerly Pets and Masters in Space by Elfa Todari (a pen name for Trisha McNary), is the prequel to this book.





Over one million years in the future, an alien spaceship returned from Earth to its home planet. Antaska, a young adult human, had accepted a job as assistant to M. Hoyvil, an eight-foot-tall Verdante alien. Antaska brought her telepathic cat Potat along on this exploratory journey to outer space.
On the two-month trip from Earth, exposure to the powerful Verdante telepaths had broken Antaska’s natural human barriers to telepathy. Staying in denial was no longer an option. Antaska could hear and understand the telepathic words of the Verdantes and even the mental speech of little Potat. But she hadn’t told M. Hoyvil yet. If the Verdantes knew, they wouldn’t allow her to travel with them. They valued humans as companions for their lack of telepathic abilities. It was uncomfortable for Verdantes to be around their own kind for long because they had to maintain emotionally cold mental shields to keep from reading each other’s thoughts.
Antaska needed time to think over some confusing things she had heard the Verdantes saying mentally to each other. For one thing, it seemed like this wasn’t a typical job. And she had often heard the word ‘pet’ when the Verdantes were talking about their human companions. Also, M. Hoyvil, although 650 years old, was only an adolescent, not an adult. And the Verdantes didn’t allow their females to travel in outer space for some reason having to do with mental telepathy.
“Don’t tell him yet,” advised the little gray and white cat. “Do you want to be stuck on one boring planet for the rest of our lives?”
“OK, I’ll wait, but I hate deceiving him like that,” said Antaska.
“You’re not deceiving him, you’re just waiting till the time is right--like as soon as we get moving into warp space,” said Potat, who had always been able to persuade Antaska to her point of view even before Antaska became telepathic.


Chapter 1

Several hours later, Antaska sat engulfed in the deep cushions of an enormous blue chair. Three other humans sat facing her in similar chairs arranged around a floating stone table. Flickering flames crackled in a huge stone fireplace nearby, muffling their voices. The chairs faced the far side of the large, cavernous room. There, ten-foot-tall, beautiful, and pale green Mizz Bawbaw lounged on an enormous adult Verdante-sized divan.
The three resident humans kept their words soft and sparse, and Antaska took a cue from them, answering and speaking in the same way. The conversation moved at a slow pace. Many pauses to sip a hot brown liquid from delicate but hard plasti-mold cups. More pauses to nibble crumbly food items provided on small plates on the floating table.
“So tell me my dear, have you bonded yet?” Tabxi, an elderly human female, asked Antaska.
Antaska considered the question. ‘Bonded?’ She looked toward Tabxi and Vorche, an elderly man sitting next to Tabxi. On Vorche’s other side was a younger man, Zapop, whose soulful golden eyes were focused across the room on Mizz Bawbaw. Antaska’s turned to look at each of the humans. Her slight movement swished and rustled satiny petticoats under a voluminous gray skirt.




About Trisha McNary:

One day about four years ago, after a having a vivid dream about aliens the night before, I had to drive across my state to an appointment. The sky started pouring down unexpected snow, even though it was early spring. The trip that should have taken four hours turned into four hours just to get a third of the way. During that time, I started writing a book in my head based on that dream--or maybe the book started writing itself. I never made it to that appointment, but when I got back, I felt like I had to write that book. In the years that followed, more dreams came that filled in the plot for two entire books.
I published the prequel, Alien Pets, in 2014 and hypnoSnatch in March 2018. Another dream began the plot for part 2. I've started work on it and hope to publish in September.


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