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Ghost of a Chance (The Fae Killers, Book 2) by Jaxon Reed

Release date: April 17, 2018
Subgenre: Urban Fantasy

About Ghost of a Chance


It’s hard to make a living during the war as a woman. Especially as a detective in New York City, where the nights are late and the thugs are tough. But Nancy Chance, Private Investigator, doesn’t give a rip about that. She’ll work twice as hard as any man for her clients, and do a better job than most. When she investigates a murder in a case called the Manhattan Project, somebody visits her office and puts a bullet in her head. But they don’t know that Nancy is back. For centuries she’s been fighting fae and becoming one of the Walker’s best killers. Now she returns to her own timeline to set things straight. If she can steer clear of Rick, her old flame who is destined to marry someone else, and find Felix, the handsome fae who killed her, she might be able to prevent her world from sliding into chaos. At least she can’t die this time. Unfortunately, everybody else can . . .




Nancy looked up from her desk when the outer door to the office opened and closed. She had sent Marcie home at 5:00, and that was half an hour ago. But maybe Marcie forgot something, she thought. It could be somebody else, but her secretary usually locked the door behind her on the way out.
No answer.
Nancy stood up and made her way around the desk, over to the door leading to the reception area. The calendar on the wall showed the month: October, 1943.
She wore an elegant but practical beige dress and matching flats that, while not tennis shoes, wouldn’t impede running should the need arise. Her shoulder-length dark hair had lost most of its curliness, and she desperately needed another permanent. But work had kept her busy, even in wartime, and that along with all the shortages and restrictions left her little time for luxuries.
Nancy opened the door to the reception area, expecting to find Marcie or perhaps a client. The lettering on the outer door to the hallway showed through the glass, backwards from this side: “Nancy Chance, Private Investigator.”
Instead of Marcie or a client, she found a man facing away from her, riffling through the secretary’s desk. The back of his head showed dark hair, oiled down and carefully combed in place.
“Excuse me?”
He turned, startled. He had a handsome face that reminded her of a cat’s. Sharp nose, sharp feline cheekbones. He drew his piece, a nasty looking pistol, and she instantly regretted not having hers. It was still in her purse, on the floor under her desk.
She raised her hands in compliance, but kept her composure. She made a mental note to keep her voice calm and said, “What do you want?”
He sneered at her.
“You must be the broad playing as a PI.”
“I’m Nancy Chance. Who are you?”
He smirked and said, “Dames oughta stay home and keep their noses clean.”
“There’s a war going on, in case you haven’t noticed. A lot of us ‘dames’ are working now. Answer my question. Who are you?”
He snorted, the contempt never leaving his eyes. He said, “I’m somebody looking for your file on the Duncan case. And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll hand it over.”
She nodded, keeping her hands up.
“Alright. But you’re looking in the wrong place. I keep that file locked in my desk.”
She tilted her chin. His eyes wavered to the door behind her, then back. He motioned with his gun, indicating she should turn around. It was a little semi-auto, a Walther PP or FN 1910, she thought. Still, even a little one could be deadly. She walked back to her desk with the gunman close behind.
Nancy turned and sat down in her chair slowly, keeping her hands up. She said, “It’s in the bottom drawer. I’m just going to reach down and get it.”
He nodded, and shook the pistol impatiently, gesturing for her to hurry up.
She carefully opened the desk drawer, reached into her purse, and whipped out her Smith & Wesson snub nose revolver.
They fired at the same time. Nancy felt the bullet lodge in her shoulder. A thought raced through her mind: small caliber, no exit wound. It didn’t do much damage; it was stuck in the bone.
But her larger .38 hit him right in the heart. His eyes grew wide. He slowly looked down at the hole in his shirt. He dropped his gun and it clattered to the floor.
“Oh! You got me!”
He clutched his chest and sagged to his knees, then collapsed in a heap.
That’s odd, Nancy thought. He seemed overly dramatic. Sarcastic, even.
She clenched her shoulder with her other hand to staunch the bleeding.
“Well, this dress is ruined.”
She reached toward the phone on her desk, picking up the black Bakelite handset. She jiggled the hook and said, “Operator?”
The man laughed from the floor, stunning her into silence. He stood up while her mouth dropped open. Slowly, in shock, she lowered the handset back to its cradle.
“Yeah, you got me. Got me good. Not a bad shot for a dame.”
He brushed off dust from his suit and she watched as the hole in his middle shrunk and disappeared, the bloodstain rapidly shrinking. He looked up and smiled at her, maliciously.
“But to really get me, you’ve got to do better than that.”
He thrust his hand toward her and a bolt of golden light shot out, striking her middle and coursing throughout her body. Her heart stopped.
She clutched at her chest, weakly, her strength and stamina leaching away. She slid out of her chair and fell down to the floor.
He casually reached down and picked up his pistol, walked over to her and shot it three more times, point blank in the head.
“Now, where is that file?”
He bent down and worked through the contents of Nancy’s desk drawer. He pulled out a manila folder and held it to the light.
“Ah, here we go.”
He walked out the office door with the file, leaving her corpse pooling in blood.


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About Jaxon Reed:

Jaxon Reed is a science fiction and fantasy author. Amazon's digital imprint, Kindle Press, selected his book The Empathic Detective for publication through Kindle Scout. Recently the sequel, Ghostsuit, was also awarded a publishing contract through Kindle Scout. He is the author of Thieves & Wizards, an epic fantasy, and The Redwood Trilogy, a science fiction series. Jaxon is an Aggie, living in Texas on a ranch with his wife and boys, several cats, and one pound dog.

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