Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Infernal Fire (Spellslinger Chronicles, Book 1) by Joseph J. Bailey

 Release date: October 23, 2018
Subgenre: Weird Western

About Infernal Fire:


No one should ever come between a man's family and his guns.
Not if they want to live.
Not even a demon.
Or a demonic horde.
Especially when those guns belong to a spellslinger.
The demons who killed his father had a death wish, for Koren D'uene is a ja'lel, a gun knight, and his is the job of granting wishes.
His guns spoke, and demons fell.

Infernal Fire is a weird western, a Wild West-inspired fantasy adventure novel of roughly 50,000 words.



My father’s blood had not yet dried on my hands.

What was left of his life was smeared on my palms, dripping between my fingers, and, like his life, it was congealing, coming to a gradual, inexorable stop.

The warmth of his body cradled next to mine slowly seeped into me, unable to touch the depthless cold washing through me.

The bodies of his killers lay strewn about the entrance to our keep where I had shot them, where I would let them rot in the sun.

Adding my moisture to his, I stood, tears flowing down my cheeks as I took my father’s body in my arms and carried him inside our home to see what was left of our lives.

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About Joseph J. Bailey:

When not at play with his family, Joe enjoys reading, writing, and relaxation. When he can, Joe also practices various martial traditions in which he has attained the Victim level of proficiency.

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