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A Quiet Rebellion: Posterity (Numoeath Series, Book 3) by M.H. Thaung

Release date: May 23, 2019
Subgenre: Mannerpunk, Steampunk

About A Quiet Rebellion: Posterity:


In a land where paranormal powers are transmissible, but their recipients condemned as a threat to society, Queen Eleanor struggles to improve life for all her subjects including the afflicted. Rocked by a recent betrayal and disillusioned by her late father's secret scheming, she fabricates threats of an external attack to push for social reform.

Her ploy meets with initial success, easing her guilt about misleading the entire realm. However, evidence comes from an unlikely source that the threat is real. The realm must prepare for war, and Eleanor stands to lose everything she has fought for.

This is the final book in the Numoeath trilogy.




 Captain Lester Black of the city guard ran a shaky hand through his hair, inspecting himself for the hundredth time in the gilt-framed mirror. How stupid, he’d used too much pomade: an amateur’s mistake. He wiped a greasy hand on his trouser leg while the red-clad guard manning the waiting area smirked. The man had been a visitor at Lester’s previous place of employment, though thankfully not one of Lester’s customers.
Like it or not, with the captain’s uniform came responsibilities. Lester now reported directly to the Council, and citizens gave him cautious respect. He should feign a captain’s dignity and carry himself with a composure like Susanna’s. Standing in for the mother he couldn’t remember, she’d given him a stability he hadn’t previously known. At first, he’d been wary of her interest in him, but anyone with eyes could see her attachment to Jonathan. Once he’d reassured himself about that, Lester could relax in her presence. Relaxing in Jonathan’spresence was another matter, but that was hardly unusual: men never seemed to treat him with friendliness.
He peered in the mirror again. This morning’s shaving nick wasn’t too conspicuous. Dark hair was all very well, but twice-daily shaving was inconvenient. Maybe he could grow a beard? Nah. Face fuzz would distract people from his green eyes. Not that he was out to woo any—
“Captain Black?” came a woman’s voice.
He jumped and blinked at an elderly woman in a pink pinafore. “Uh, yes?”
“The queen’s working in her study.” She nodded at the laden tray she held. “I’m taking her some refreshments, so you might as well follow me.”
Of course.” Old lady. Probably likes boyish charm. He summoned a smile. “Might I carry your tray, ma’am?”
“Ooh, not just handsome, but polite!” Beaming, she handed him her tray then patted his cheek.
The royal guard’s snigger was cut short by the housekeeper’s glare. “A problem, young man?”
The guard reddened. “No, Martha. Just something in my throat.” He straightened to attention.
Lester followed Martha’s well-padded backside up the grand wooden staircase. The palace wasn’t completely unfamiliar territory. He’d been to the royal library just two days ago when Queen Eleanor held a meeting about Silvers’ crimes and Jonathan’s innocence. Lester’s presence had been peripheral then, so why was she requesting another visit now? And by himself, seemingly?
At the top of the second flight, Martha halted and wagged a finger at him. “Ah! I knew I’d seen you somewhere before. I’d recognise that cheeky smile anywhere.”
“Sure, I visited just a couple of days—”
“No, it was several years ago.” She tapped her chin. “Weren’t you working in... The King’s Pleasure?”
What?” The crockery on the tray rattled. “What if I was? I mean, what were you doing there?”
She sniffed. “Arranging a home visit, of course. As head housekeeper, I’m responsible for the comfort of my employer. And, well, after the former queen passed on... How do you think the establishment got its name?”
Lester gaped. Was she having him on?


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About M.H. Thaung:

M.H. Thaung was born in Scotland and has moved progressively southwards throughout her career. She now works in a biomedical science research institute in London, England. She loves her job and academic writing. She also enjoys wondering "What if...?" and seeing what might happen in alternate worlds. She has just completed a trilogy of light SF/mannerpunk adventures set in a world with transmissible paranormal powers.


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