Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Outage (Powerless Nation: Book One) by Ellisa Barr

Sub Genre: Young Adult/Post-Apocalyptic
Release Date: May 13, 2014

ABOUT Outage:

When fifteen-year-old Dee is left at her grandpa's farm in rural Washington, she thinks life is over. She may be right.

A high-tech Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack destroys the country's power and communication grids, and sends the U.S. hurtling back to the Dark Ages. Can Dee learn to survive without the basics: electricity, clean water... even her cell phone?

The chaos caused by the EMP isn't her only problem. The town is in collapse, disease and lawlessness run rampant, and a corrupt sheriff will stop at nothing to seize power over whatever is left. Dee will have to fight if she wants to survive in this hostile new world.

Written for all fans who love apocalypse stories, Outage is a Young Adult survival novel that mixes useful prepping tips with an action-packed story.


“Starve?” said Pete. “No one's going to starve. Everyone's just going to have to hunker down for a few weeks until the power companies can send in some crews to repair the lines.”

“Listen,” said Jennifer. “You saw what happened to the transformers today. Imagine all the transformers in the country blowing out like that. Without any power, how are we going to get them replaced?

“Hey, this is America. We’ll figure something out.”

“Look at me, Pete,” Jennifer put her hands on his cheeks and stared him in the face. “This is for real. In all likelihood, electricity and communications across the whole country are down. No one's coming to turn the power back on. People are going to starve, and they're going to get sick, and they're going to die. I need you to take this seriously. It’s the big one. This is it.”


“The apocalypse.”

Ellisa lives in southern California with her family, where she knows just enough about prepping to prolong her suffering when the SHTF.

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