Monday, October 27, 2014

Mission: Lights of Langrenus by V. A. Jeffrey

Subgenre: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Release Date: October 16, 2014

ABOUT Mission: Lights of Langrenus:

Something is rotten in Langrenus.

Or technically, north of the city.

Bob has settled down into work and family life but beneath the surface things have changed. He's a secret agent now, building a budding network of people searching for the alien shadow groups on Earth and working to stop the coming alien invasion from beyond the solar system. But for now, all of that is far away.

The Boss, the mysterious head of Vartan, Inc. sends Bob to the moon city of Langrenus to investigate the Transient Lunar Phenomenon, which has changed pattern and intensity over recent years. No one knows why. At first, Bob suspects he's been sent on a fluff mission. But the more he investigates, the more questions are raised in his mind as to what is really going on. The heart of the problem lies within the lunar mining communities and the increased frequency of the beautiful lunar lights are the result of something far more sinister than Bob ever imagined.


We came to a ledge.

“Someone's coming,” whispered Liatel. I crouched down to survey the scene below. I could still detect the footprints in the dust I'd made on the way in on the path below. We were outside in the small cave. The lunar lights were going crazy, lurid with color. The drop down wasn't too far, maybe twenty feet down.

“They must really be working them overtime today,” said Justin, looking fearfully at the lights. I glanced at him.

“That comes from crews working over time?” I asked. He nodded.

“Stirs up whatever gases lie below the surface of the moon. It's a sign of over worked crews. Not unusual at Hussa. So, what about that drop down?” He asked.

“We can adjust the levels on our boots to soften our landings, maybe.” I said.

“These boots, like everything else around here are too cheap for that,” Liatel said in disgust.

“Well, we'll have to drop down. There's no way around it. Maybe on that side down there, where we can climb down at least half the way. Once I get down I'll pull some of those rocks over there and build stair-steps up to the cave opening.” I pointed up ahead.

“Where is your rider parked, exactly?” She asked. My mind went to full alert. It was a perfectly reasonable question. And it bothered me. I had no time but it got my hackles even further up about her and it brought to my memory the fact that she'd taken my gun without my knowing it.

“Just outside. You'll see.” I said simply and hopped down against the rock wall of the cave. I slid part of the way before jumping down the rest of the way and then scampered under the walkway ledge the other two were still standing on. I went to the rocks by the opening and piled them up together as best I could. Will simply lowered himself and hovered by me. Liatel, far more limber that I'd suspected, slid part of the way down the wall and then leapt down the rest of the way, landing lightly, even in her gravity boots.

Justin's descent was difficult. He climbed down gingerly and slipped. I could hear the inhuman screams of that Fiorjah creature getting louder.

“What is that sound?” Liatel whispered quietly. I looked at her strangely.

“You mean you don't know?”

“Should I?” There was a sudden alert beeping from the recorder mech. I turned around and Justin, struggling to get down fell backward the rest of the way.

“Uggh!” He yelled.

“What happened, Will?” I asked.

“We don't have time! We must go now!” Urged Liatel. I frowned at her but was spurred on.

“This way!” I said and I took hold of Justin's arm and bounded several times upward until I reached the cave opening. I extended my legs outward until my feet touched the opening and then I used the force of my body to fly through before we landed on the ground just outside. Liatel ran down the path and jumped out of the cave with the grace of a cheetah, just in time for us to hear laser blasts raining down from above inside. Finally out of the cave, I lead them to the moon buggy. As I hopped in I looked back to see the Glia woman raise the lasgun at me and power it up. Will's little alarm went off like a shrieking siren and all this while we were still being hunted. I ducked down just in time to avoid the blast of laser fire. I aimed with my vambraser and let loose a stream of laser fire but my aim was off and she was quick. She leaped out of the vehicle and away from the line of fire, ducked beneath the vehicle and then rose up, reaching over quick like a snake, and grabbed my arm, nearly tearing me from the seat. I had no idea how strong alien females were but at this rate she would rip my space suit right off me if I didn't so something fast.

Victoria A. Jeffrey grew up in Portland, Oregon, attended Portland Community College and studied graphic design. She is an author and an avid reader of science fiction, fantasy. She also enjoys reading historical fiction and non-fiction. She has written four collections of poetry and some short stories. She is a content developer for the Middle-Earth Network, the author of the Red World myth-fantasy trilogy. She has two upcoming series for this year, the Mission space opera series and a steampunk science fiction series.

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