Thursday, October 2, 2014

Monkey Queen (Book One of Introductions and Abductions) by Robert Dahlen

Release Date: September 19, 2014
Subgenre: Humorous Adventure Fantasy

ABOUT Monkey Queen:

"How would you like to help me save the world?"

That was not a phrase that Beth McGill, college student and geek girl, had ever expected to hear, even on a Friday. But when Michiko, the teenage hero called the Monkey Queen, rescues Beth from an ogre, her life gets turned upside down. And when a mutual friend is kidnapped, Michiko and Beth will have to deal with faeries, hobgoblins, a ravenous troll and a sarcastic guinea pig to find him...and the dark masterminds behind the abduction.

It'll be a weekend they'll never forget...if they survive to see Monday morning.


— An exclusive peek at Chapter Two!

The Monkey Queen smiled. "I need you, Beth. How would you like to help me save the world?"

Beth had not expected to hear that. "M-m-me?" she said.


Beth stared at Michiko. She saw the scarf drifting in the evening breeze, Michiko's smile, the excitement and joy in the Monkey Queen's eyes. The geek girl part of Beth stirred, the part that wanted to chase Golden Snitches, stand with the Browncoats, ride on the Catbus, the part that wanted to take the wheel of an airship and set a course for the second star to the right. And that part almost said, When do we start? But the realistic side of her spoke up first.

"Michiko, I don't know," Beth said. "I'm no hero. I'm not a fighter or a wizard. I'm just a college student. Okay, maybe I'm a college student who's read every Discworld book and watches way too much Doctor Who, but I'm nothing special. The only things I'm good at are sewing cosplay outfits, diagramming sentences and finding plot holes in bad movies."

"Seems like you're qualified to me," Michiko said.

"But it sounds sounds crazy...oh, this is all too much." Beth shook her head.

"Maybe it is, but do you know something, Beth?"


"You haven't said 'no' yet." Michiko grinned and winked.

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Fantasy novelist, all-around wisecracker and penguin aficionado, Robert Dahlen lives in California with lots of penguins (no surprise), a tablet stuffed with e-books and works in progress, and a long-suffering wife. He is hopefully working on more Monkey Queen stories as you read this. And FYI, his last name is pronounced "duh-LANE", as in "The rain in Spain falls mainly on Dahlen," which is why there's a run on umbrellas when he visits Barcelona.

(And also to no one's surprise, he mentions that the great cover art is © 2014 Willow, and used by permission. If you like her art, and I hope you do, see more of it at!)

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