Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Something to Read: A Charity Omnibus Anthology, edited by Stella Wilkinson

Release date: November 25, 2014
Genres: Multi-genre flash fiction anthology 

About Something to Read:

Something To Read is exactly one hundred stories to entertain you whenever and wherever you feel the need. The majority of these stories are flash fiction of under 1000 words and contain themes as varied as the authors who wrote them. Stories were contributed for charity from nearly seventy different authors from at least four different continents, and contain comedy, tragedy, romance, science fiction, horror and everything in between. If you have several hours or just five minutes, there is something here for you. 

Stories and Authors:

John - N. Bursnoll
The Agency Chef - Samuel Clements
Coming Home - Andrew Vu
Love @ First Site - Amanda Brice
Dancing Cheek to Cheek - Amanda Brice
A Ghost Story? - Stella Wilkinson
100-1 Hoodoo - Neil Sweetman
Monster in My Head - L.G. Castillo
See the Galaxy - Landon Porter
Ten To Nine - Debbie Bennett
Brief Encounter on the 75 - Frank Zubek
Small Parcels - Pru Moran
Moth Boys - Neil Sweetman
Friday Night - Stella Wilkinson
Simon Marriott's First Puff - Louis Hessey-Antell
Priorities - Dan Brady
A Routine Sunday - J. David Core
The Centennial Grape - Monica La Porta
Amy - Paul B. Kohler
A Guy’s Story - Dan Fiorella
Beware How You Stand Lest You Fall - Ruth Banda-Banda
My Subway Fantasy - Penny Darling
Through Glass - James Griffiths
The Day the Washing Machine Broke Down - Pru Moran
Losing Track - Pauline Drummie
“Last Day” - Frank Zubek
Us & Them - Dario Solera
Diamond - Neil Bursnoll
Armed and Dangerous - T.L. Champion
God Two - Kathy Molyneaux
Personal Hell - RJ Kennett
Learn - Peter Cawdron
The Stolen Satchel - Jamie Campbell
The Glass Horse - Sarah Dalton
The Faceless Ones - Vincent Trigili
Bad Deal - Cora Buhlert
Lookout Mountain - Paul B. Kohler
Christmas with a (Snow) Monster - Stephen Drivick
The Orders - Stacy Claflin
Curbside - Frank Zubek
Hidden in the Closet - Al Stevens
Sweet Baby - Sheila Guthrie
The Life of Herman Von Schmit - Jamie Campbell
The House without a Pumpkin Tree - Dan Fiorella
Good Deeds - Pru Moran
Transfer of Power - Paul Levinson
Half the Battle - Melanie Nilles
Holidays with My Grandfather - James Griffiths
Gold Rush - Paul B. Kohler
Angels and Demons - Seun Odukoya
The Candy Shop - V. A. Jeffrey
Christmas Dinner - Pru Moran
Carrie’s Gift - Frank Zubek
Taste - Stella Wilkinson
Refusal of the Call - Cora Buhlert
Frankenstein & Igor, A Tale of Terror and Misplaced Organs - Dan Fiorella
Super 88 - Erin Garlock
Green, Green, Blue - Kevin A. Lyons
Twilight Raid - Edward M. Grant
Controlled Experiments - Kevin J. Anderson
The Cyclist - Samuel Clements
A Wish For Smish - David Gerrold
The Last Lodger - Stella Wilkinson
The Pawnbroker of Personalities - Richard Wolanski
Stylish Headwear and the Problem of Free Will - Jamie Horyski
Recall - Graham Brand
Fuzzy’s Diner - Michael Carmella
He Will Lead Us - John L. Monk
Vietnam with a Side of Asparagus - Lindy Moone
All Mine - Jamie Campbell
The Vet - Frank Zubek
A Grown Man’s Love Story - Debadatta Pati
Alone - Paul B. Kohler
Roadworks - Edward M. Grant
Large Animal/Small Animal - Ron McLarty
And The Chimps Shall Lead - Paul Levinson
Lilac and Dead Land - E. Percy Muove
The Long Elegance of Sleep - Helen Cho
More Than A Feeling - Cate Dean
A Flurry of Footsteps - H.S. Stone
The Skylight Room - Karen Tucker
Tonianna Gallager - Mary Kincaid
Scout’s Ninety Seconds of Enlightenment - Joe Tannian
A Change of Heart - Cate Dean
Whither Time - Sheila Guthrie
Mason and Me - Kelly Lytle
Involuntarily in Charge - T.L. Champion
The Spitwalk Contest - Richard Wolanski
Faceless - Neil Bursnoll
Looking Down - Dario Solera
Wasteland, Part 1- Vincent Trigili
Wasteland, Part 2 - Vincent Trigili
The Last President of the United States - Stephen Drivick
Peregrine Comes To OJO - 1911 - Ron McLarty
Following String - Jamie Campbell
Moving - Donald R. Broyles
Surprise, Surprise! - Aditi Bathia
The Not Wanting - J. David Core
What Is the World Coming To? - Rich Wells
Whatever Happened to Annie Garrett? - Frank Zubek

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