Monday, December 1, 2014

The Deadliners: New Generation by Rachel Medhurst

Subgenre: Paranormal, Supernatural
Release Date: November 28, 2014

ABOUT The Deadliners:

They're Deadliners, they're spirits and they're learning to play fate with human lives.

The old group has gone and the new deadliners have arrived.

Amy is a detector. Jen is trying to bring the group together to help Amy detect the negative spirits and move them to a safe place. The negative spirits are stronger than they expected and the group faces their toughest lesson since dying: Working together.


‘John, don’t touch that…’

It was too late. John felt the surge of power flow through his nerves and into his brain. Pain enveloped him and he fell to the floor, his body landing hard.

‘John, can you hear me?’ called his work colleague. It sounded like he was calling from the end of a tunnel. John could feel his body twitching and knew that it was time. The electric had fried his whole body and he could do nothing but let go of the last breath he’d ever take.

‘John, can you hear me?’ the voice belonged to a female. It was a lot clearer.

He opened his eyes and found himself blinking. A light surrounded a beautiful blonde woman as she stood over him.

‘Who are you?’ he croaked.

He slowly rose into a sitting position and looked around. A little girl stood in the corner of the room, watching them.

‘My name is Jen and I’ve come to collect you,’ said the beautiful woman. Her big blue eyes were kind and warm. He felt like reaching out his hand to her. She took it as he did and pulled him up. He caught a flash in the corner of his eye and saw his colleague bending over the spot he’d just been laying in.

‘It’s okay, buddy, I’m…’ he stopped when he saw his legs still on the floor. One was twisted sideways and the other was straight.

‘I’m dead, aren’t I?’ he said, taking his hand away from the pretty woman and going over to his colleague. ‘Tell them all I love them.’ John tried to put his hand on the man’s shoulder, but it fell through. He gulped as he watched the man try to wake him up. He’d worked with him for over ten years and they were best friends.

‘It’s time to go, John,’ Jen said.

He turned away from his past with a sinking feeling in his chest.

‘Jen, am I going to see God now?’ he asked, taking her hand once more. She smiled slightly and he felt his dead heart beat in his chest. The sadness that had lived inside him his whole life was reflected in her gaze.

‘Not quite, you have one more job to do before you go over to the other side.’

He glanced around them as their surroundings started to glisten and distort. The walls of the house disappeared to be replaced by a sparkling lake.

‘You’re a deadliner now, John, and I’m your leader,’ Jen said.

Rachel Medhurst grew up in Surrey, England. She writes to prove that no matter where you come from, you can be anything you want to be. Your past may shape you, but it doesn't define you. When Rachel isn't writing, she can be found reading and walking in nature.

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