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Hunted Hero Hunting (The Hunter Legacy, Book 2) by Timothy Ellis

Release date: June 1, 2015
Subgenre: Science fiction, space opera

About Hunted Hero Hunting

Jonathon Hunter's world grows darker each day. Assassins, Pirates, Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries, and Retros, all want a piece of him. Each trap leads to yet another trap. When the unthinkable happens, the prey becomes the predator. The hunted goes hunting. But how does a young spiritual warrior cope, as the kills mount?

Book 1 in the series is Hero at Large. Book 3, Send in the Hero, will be available in July.



I was dreaming of bikini clad babes on a beach, when the danger alert alarm went off. I jumped out of bed, changed the belt into fatigues, and raced for the bridge.
"What have we got Jane," I asked, as I dropped into my chair.
"Long range contact, barely showing on the nav map, but it looks like ships coming through the Bad Wolf jump point. They all show red. No identification yet."
"Interception course. Full speed."
I sat there waiting, as the next few hours went by.
We closed on the enemy force, until at last, Jane said, "Identification available. Lincoln class Corvette, twelve Gladiators." Lincoln class? I looked it up. An American built standard Corvette.
"Who are they?"
"The Corvette is on Mr. Norbett's list. Captained by one Julian Beare. The squadron shows as 'Reinhart Squadron'. They are listed as rogue ex-Mercs, by the Mercenary Guild, with an 'approach with caution' notation, followed by 'apprehend if possible'."
"Are we in coms range yet?"
"Just barely."
I opened a channel to the Mercs.
"Gunbus to Reinhart Squadron, state your intentions."
Another channel opened.
"Ah, Mr. Hunter I presume. Good. We were hoping to run into you. Julian Beare of the Unthinkable. We have come to reclaim some property that belonged to a friend of mine. Do us all a favour and surrender quietly. Your new Heavy Transport is no match for a real Corvette and a squadron of heavy fighters."
"Them's fighting words sir. Care to put them to the test?"
"Done." Both channels closed.
I strapped in and eased back on the speed, to what would be normal for a Corvette. No sense in telling them this ship had enhancements before they found out the hard way.
Head to head, the distance closed quickly.
At the maximum range for FF missiles, I started pumping them out from both launchers. I had thirty from each on their way ahead of me, before I had to start thinking about what I was doing.
Well Mr. Beare, how are you at playing 'Chicken'? I smiled in a predatory way.
The Gladiators were in V formation ahead of the Corvette. Someone has importance issues, I thought, letting the hired help go first.
I locked up the lead Gladiator for my IR's, selected cockpit as the secondary target, and fired off five of them. Immediately I changed target lock to the Corvette and sent off the remaining fifteen. I told Jane to reload the front launcher.
The lead fighter staggered. I went over the top of him and back to head to head with the Corvette. The Corvette was getting big in the forward screen now, and as some of the missiles started to hit, I gave it a full salvo from the front guns, and five torpedoes. At the last second, I pulled up and over it, my side and rear guns raking it as I sped past.
I pushed speed to maximum and ran for a minute, to give myself room to turn widely. My turrets were actively taking down enemy missiles. I checked my shields. I'd taken a few hits.




About Timothy Ellis:

Timothy Ellis lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. He has been a farm worker, Antique Dealer, Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Operations Manager of a small retail chain and Retail Store Owner. He now works as a Spiritual Healer and helper, and Author.

He has long been a player of Space Genre computer games, and since 2004, has been writing game guides for the Egosoft X Universe series, culminating in the X3 Handbook, available now on Kindle. He has also designed major mods for the various games, and dozens of mini mods.

After leaving behind the corporate and business worlds, he was opened to his Spiritual gifts. Now a Feng Shui Master, Feng Shui led him to Buddhism, Karma and back to western spiritualism. Since 2006 he has been writing spiritual articles and helping people via spiritual forums and Facebook Groups. He has also written various e-books about spiritual subjects as well as the Hunter Legacy series.

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