Tuesday, June 16, 2015

McSorely's Evil Tea by Helen Ryan

Release date: May 9, 2015
Subgenre: Children's fantasy, humour

About McSorely's Evil Tea:

Sky Swift lives happily in a cosy home with her mother. She enjoys the simpler things in life like drinking tea, munching biscuits, oh and sniffing everything. One day evil pays a visit.
Her world has changed forever. Stalked by an evil tea bag and chased by an evil tea company that will stop at nothing to get her.
They want her for their wicked plan.
Sky is in trouble. She needs help.
But who can she turn to?


It all started with an evil tea bag used to make an evil cup of tea. As you know tea is generally not evil in fact it’s considered one of the most wholesome drinks there is. This is true; most of the time.
The evil tea bag was dropped into the rubbish bin. If you listened hard enough you could hear it moaning, ‘Mmmmmmmurggggghhhhhhhhh.’ And if you narrowed your eyes and looked closely, you would see a faint black cloud of steam rising from the bin. It was pure out and out foul nastiness.
The evil cup of tea waited patiently. It sat upon a matching china saucer with a sugary shortbread biscuit resting beside it.
‘Tea’s up Sky,’ said Sky’s mum.
Sky sat down and looked at the evil cup of tea. It didn’t look particularly evil. The tea actually looked quite nice in the white china cup.
She studied the shortbread biscuit intently. Sky bent her head down to sniff the tea.
Hmmmmm … something different, she thought. She pursed her lips.
‘Drink up before it gets cold,’ said her mum. She was busy arranging flowers in a glass vase at the kitchen sink.
Sky picked up the biscuit. ‘Sniff, sniff, I hate shortbread.’
‘Sky,’ said her mum firmly, ‘you love shortbread.’
‘Not today,’ she said. ‘It’s too sunny.’ She sniffed the biscuit again.
‘I wish you would stop sniffing stuff. For goodness sake!’ said her mother, sighing. ‘Go to the press and see what you can find.’
The evil tea slowly swirled around in the cup. If it was herbal tea it would be calm chamomile but with evil stirred in.
The evil tea bag was still seething with anger and malice in the bin. What’s the hold up? Drink the tea! Just guzzle it all down!
Sky dragged a wooden stool over. She climbed on top of the stool and opened the press full of goodies.
‘Yes chocolate chip cookies!’ she yelled. ‘Mum, can I have one instead?’
‘Yes Sky,’ she answered, ‘but just the one.’
‘Thanks,’ said Sky.
‘I’m going upstairs to make the beds,’ said her mum, putting the vase of flowers on the kitchen table. ‘Be back in a minute.’
Brrrrrr! thought the evil tea bag. I’m getting really cold here.

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About Helen Ryan:

Helen Ryan was born in Wexford in the South-East of Ireland.
She worked in the science and technology world for many years receiving her Masters of Science Degree from Dublin Institute of Technology. Helen has a life long love of the written word a passion ignited in early childhood by her mother. In recent years Helen worked as a teacher another passion of hers. She is now busy writing in a happy house, in a tiny town in Ireland with her husband and three kids.

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