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Hunted (Auralight Codex: Dakota Shepherd, Book 2) by Shei and Annathesa Nikola Darksbane

Release date: August 13, 2015
Subgenre: Urban fantasy

About Hunted


Dakota Shepherd is such a newb: newly Awakened, rookie werewolf, supernatural investigator in training. Her command of the wolf inside is shaky at best, and her grasp of the unstable magic she wields is worse. She sure has a lot to learn about her new life in the supernatural world. So why would anyone want to stalk her?
A trespasser in pack territory. Blood on the mountain. An urban legend, spoken only in whispers.
Can Dakota rise to the challenge of a deadly foe?
There’s no shame in being new: everyone starts out that way. But in a world of powerful supernatural threats, being a newb could get a girl killed. And if Dakota isn’t up to the job of protecting herself, how can she hope to protect her loved ones from the ancient supernatural killer that hunts them? 


Raelya and I chatted about driving, cars, flying, planes, and her interest in older aeronautical mechanics for the remainder of the drive to my Knoxville apartment. Raelya pulled us into the apartment’s small parking lot and turned off the truck. As she started to get out, I put a hand on her arm to stop her. “Hey, wait.”
Raelya glanced up at me, tilting her head curiously, and I realized I recognized the motion as a simple askance. Without the mental blocks keeping my wolf away, I was beginning to find I understood wolfish body language fairly naturally.
“I forgot I need boxes and stuff. Would you go pick some up from Walmart before we get started?” I pulled out my wallet and started counting out bills.
Raelya tilted her head. “Of course, but you do not want to come with me?”
I smiled at her. “I have a couple things I’d rather clean up alone before someone helps me pack up if that’s okay. Won’t take long, but you can grab the boxes and maybe get us a pizza if that sounds good?”
Raelya smiled. “Ah, of course. What kind of pizza do you like?”
I shrugged. “Not picky. I bet I’ll eat anything you’d eat anyway.”
Raelya grinned. “Is that a challenge?”
I laughed. “Do your worst, pizza-wolf.”
Raelya laughed and I offered her the bills. Raelya shook her head. “This is too much.”
I shrugged. “I’d rather be sure you have enough.”
“I do have money of my own, you know.”
“Sure, but you’re doing this for me, so I wanna cover it.”
Raelya took the bills and gripped my hand as she did. “Stop worrying about it all so much, Dakota. We are pack now. We are family. You do not have to cover every little thing, or treat every favor as if you are a burden.”
“I know, but I’m not used to it yet.” I admitted, squeezing her hand around the bills.
Raelya smiled, lifting her other hand to brush my hair back from my eyes. “I know. So I am going to help you get used to it.” She pulled the bills from my hand and laid them on the seat next to me.
I frowned. “But—”
“Shh! No buts. You would do the same for me. And one day you will. We are pack, Dakota. We do not worry about paying each other back. We just all do our best to help all of us. Now go inside and hide your naughty toys before I get back.”
I sputtered. “I— Wha— That’s not what I meant!”
Raelya laughed and nodded slowly. “Of course it is not.”
I glared at her playfully and put the bills back in my wallet. “Seriously, I was talking about other things.”
“Of course you were.” Raelya grinned at me then made a shooing gesture. “Do not worry, Dakota. If I were you, I would want a chance to hide my naughty toys too.”
I laughed at that as I slid out of the truck and closed the door. Raelya cranked the truck, and pulled it smoothly out of the parking space. I went on inside to hide my naughty toys.



About Shei and Annathesa Nikola Darksbane:

Shei Darksbane and Annathesa Nikola Darksbane are a wifey&wifey team, writing Urban Fantasy and Space Opera, with plans for various Sci Fi & Fantasy series in the future, all with LGBT elements, but with a strong focus on story and character development, and a whole lotta world-building. All their stories are co-created but written by one primary author with input from the other. When they aren't writing, Shei and Annathesa are gamer girls, roleplaying or playing video games, watching their favorite shows, and geeking out over fandoms, cosplays, and science.

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