Monday, September 14, 2015

Unrevelations by Rissa Watkins

Release date: August 25, 2015
 Subgenre: Urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy

About Unrevelations:


The apocalypse has begun.

Death stalks Sara and not in a metaphorical way. More like the literal, move out of your house and get a restraining order kind of way. When Sara reveals she has the ability to see him, he becomes fascinated. Unfortunately, Death shows his interest by trying to kill her. Repeatedly. Each failed attempt only increases his enthusiasm.

Sara soon realizes the news reports of werewolves, zombies, and plagues can mean only one thing: The Heavenly Seals in the Book of Revelations have been broken.

All this happens just when her wasteland of a love life seems to be showing signs of improving. Matt, the cute cop who responds to her 911 calls, gives her fantasies of a happy future. Maybe one that involves handcuffs. Before she can build a new life, she has to survive Death’s infatuation and stop him from unleashing the End of Days, Biblical style.

Adult language, some violence, and gore.


Chapter One
And the Lamb Broke the Fourth Seal

Some people think the world will end in a zombie apocalypse. They’ll swear their friend’s sister’s boyfriend was eaten by a zombie. It’ll take more than some fifteen-year-old’s shaky phone video to convince me, though. Don’t even get me started on vampires or werewolves causing the End of Days. Just because there's a meme or "news" story on some website, doesn't mean it's real.
It might look like a duck and quack like a duck but I wouldn't call it Daffy. Take for example the vampire who sat outside my door and begged me to invite him inside. I could look at him and think, Huh, my cheating husband was turned into a vampire tonight. Vampires have taken over the world. It’s the End of Days.
Except he looked like a man playing a vampire.
David’s razor-sharp teeth and the blood on his face looked real enough, but he was the embodiment of a bad actor with poor timing. Plus, his director- the dude in the yard wearing what looked like a black dress and a smirk on his face- sat astride a pale horse. At first glance you’d think he was cosplaying Death, but something told me he was the real deal. The monsters on the news were merely the opening act for that guy.
"Please, baby, I need you to let me in," David said. His whiny voice grated on my nerves, but it was a good play. I mean, it might have worked on me before. I would have welcomed the thought of eternity with the man I love, my soulmate. We could go off into the night biting and loving, la la la.
But the douche-viper left his cellphone at home tonight while he was off at his 'business meeting' and Mandi, a blonde he worked with, had texted him and said she couldn’t make it to dinner, but she would meet him at the hotel later. *Kiss kiss*
A bottle of wine, a whole lot of tears, and a couple of hours later, he’d showed up at our door. One glance at his current dead -or rather undead- state, and the fact that he looked and smelled like he had been dumpster diving in his favorite power suit, led me to believe he hadn’t made it to the hotel for their rendezvous. At least the garbage covered up the smell of smoke permanently ingrained in the Armani Exchange suit he’d bought at a fire sale shortly after the store literally had caught on fire and burned half their stock.
"Sara, we can be together, forever-young and beautiful- lovers eternal."
Really? His promise to be faithful to me didn’t even last ten years of marriage, and now he was talking about eternity? "Screw you, your blonde tramp on the side, your little costume-wearing friend back there, and the sickly-ass horse he rode in on." 



About Rissa Watkins:

Rissa Watkins is a writer, mother, and leukemia survivor living in the Arizona desert.  When not busy keeping her family alive (which with a super-active son is a lot harder than it should be) she can be found hunched over a keyboard working furiously on her next novel. Rissa was nicknamed “The Ninja” be her writing friends because of her habit of taking down online bullies. When she was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2010, she transformed into a cancer-fighting ninja. She survived lethal doses of chemotherapy and radiation, a bone marrow transplant, going bald, and horrible hospital food to kick cancer’s butt. These days, she has traded in her throwing stars for a laptop, which she wields to write fiction. You can get a glimpse of her novel writing genius, or possibly nonsensical chemo-brain ramblings.

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