Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sundown Apocalypse (Sundown Apocalypse, Book 1) by Leo Nix

Release date: December 31, 2016
Subgenre: Post-apocalyptic, military science fiction

About Sundown Apocalypse:


It is the end of days, the Apocalypse of Revelations has begun and terrorists have effectively taken out the super powers cleansing the planet of the 'disease of civilisation'.
​Small bands of survivors are forced to confront the horrors of a psychopathic enemy. They fight back the only way they can - with sudden and savage violence.
Sundown, under the mentorship of an ex IRA commander and a retired Vietnam war CIA operative, struggles with his own demons as he guides a determined band of civilians to defeat their enemy and to survive the harshness of the Australian desert.

If you like hard-hitting, fast-paced adventure without the fluff, this is the series for you.


"Boyo, what did those naughty terrorists do to your arm now? Come with us and we'll fix you up." Halo and Beamy teased as they led him off to see Tricia where she was gathering up the terrorist's medical gear. Halo was back to his fine mood, swinging his captured M16 over his shoulder African soldier style. A captured bandoleer of bullets draped over his other. His hair and face were a mess of blood from the head wound and he still hadn't noticed it.
Tricia looked up as they walked in. Assassin's arm was now swollen and bruised but the bullet hadn't hit anything serious. It had gone straight through the flesh on the edge of his biceps.
"You are a lucky soldier," she smiled, "any closer and you'd need a major repair job. I won't bother stitching this it'll heal itself in time, just don't knock it. Gail can have a look at it when we get back." She then cleaned up his bruised forehead with some antiseptic cream.
Halo smiled brightly at Tricia and her eyes opened wide. His hair was matted in blood and his face streaked with red clots. He looked frightening.
"Does anything hurt?" she asked as she sat him down and began to cut his hair away from the wound.
"Nah, yeah, nah." He was all dumb now he was being touched by this gorgeous angel. Her English accent had melted his heart and he was almost in a swoon. "I do feel a bit dizzy and it hurts when you touch my head."
"Hold still, this is nasty. It looks like one of those bullets has creased your scalp and taken some of your brains with it." She gave a wicked laugh.
"Huh? You're kidding me aren't you? Can you really see my brains? That's not good is it?" Halo really did feel dizzy now and he started to slip sideways off the seat.
"Catch him Beamy, he's about to pass out." Ordered Tricia without bothering to stop her cutting and swabbing.
Beamy gently held the unconscious Halo until Tricia had finished then she placed him on the officers bed. His head heavily swathed in a bandage that made him look like a mummy.
Tricia looked at his boyish face and smiled to herself. These are just boys, she thought, but her body said something else and she automatically put a hand to his face and stroked it. Just then Halo opened his eyes and they stared at each other for a split second that felt like an eternity.
"OK soldier," she said smartly back in control, "we'd better get you back to work. Make sure you see Lorraine when we get home." She went back to packing the remaining medical gear in readiness to take it all with them.

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About Leo Nix:

Leo is a psychologist who has worked in the prison system, education and in private practice. He is published in both non-fiction and fiction genres describing fiction writing as the best form of therapy he has ever experienced. He is currently writing a post-apocalyptic series set in the Australian desert and the city of Adelaide. He is married with three children.


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