Saturday, May 6, 2017

Children of the Shaman by Jessica Rydill

Release date: 5th May 2017
Sub-genre: Fantasy

About Children of the Shaman:

When their aunt is taken ill, thirteen-year old Annat and her brother are sent from their small coastal town to live with their unknown father. Like Annat, Yuda is a Shaman; a Wanderer with magical powers, able to enter other worlds. As Annat learns more about her powers, the children join their father on a remarkable train journey to the frozen north and find a land of mystery and intrigue, threatened by dark forces and beset by senseless murders that have halted construction of a new tunnel. But Annat’s doll, her only remembrance of her dead mother, may hold a dark secret - and when her brother Malchik is kidnapped, Annat and her father must travel onwards to find him before it is too late.

Cover art by Daniele Serra, internal illustrations by Evelinn Enoksen.


Annat yelled. It came out of her suddenly, in a reflex vomiting of fear. They were coming. A bitter taste was in her mouth, chaos in her mind. An utter panic urged her to run out into the cool mist, away from the scalding, searing touch of concentrated evil. Then she felt the impact of a huge blast of power, stronger than any she had ever known.
      “Malchik,” she said, and jumped down on to the ballast. She ran towards the source of the power. Someone was screaming in the mist, with terrible, howling sobs. Yuda was ahead of her, and she felt the heat of him concentrated into a white-hot core. Behind her, Scorpion yelled a battle cry. Annat ran down the embankment, anger hurling her forward. The mist split, and she saw them: dressed in rags, four men and a woman bending over a prone figure that writhed on the ground. It was, it had been, Pyotr. The sum of their joint power was a pulsating mass, a living, separate creature that stank of cruelty and unbounded wildness.
      Yuda stopped, dropped on one knee and stretched out his right arm, sending a surge of power into the group. Annat felt the impact from where she stood, but it seemed to have no effect on the five. Their heads turned towards Yuda with one slick, mechanical movement, and Annat saw that their eyes were white. She ran towards her father, carried by panic and rage, and sent her own small, hopeless flame searing towards them. Scorpion fired her gun over Yuda’s head, in a blue jet of charged ozone that struck one of the men under the chin, spinning him backwards. For an instant the group wavered, then Annat felt them gathering force for their counterattack, which would shrivel and burn the soft parts of her body. There was nothing the eye could see, but she felt a tearing pain that wrenched her from her feet. As she fell, she saw Yuda on his feet, his arms spread to make a wall. The blast was deflected, fracturing into splinters that pierced the mist, sending up jets of superheated steam. As Scorpion flung down her gun and sent a bolt of lightning from her cupped right hand, Yuda ran in close and caught the foremost man in the belly with his knife. Annat saw the blue-tinted entrails slither from the gash; the dying man caught Yuda by the shoulders, trying to raze his mind with the gaze of those milky eyes.
      The mass of inhuman power quavered, rent by Scorpion’s fire, but the three survivors gathered the strength of their dying companions. They seemed to merge into a hydra-cloud, sucking power into their depths from everything that surrounded them. Forced to his knees, Yuda nonetheless managed to gather his strength for another blast; white lightning roared from his hands and caught in the toils of the power cloud, tearing great holes in it. He was bleeding from head and chest; Annat could smell Scorpion’s burns.

About Jessica Rydill:

Jessica Rydill writes fantasy and collects Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, or BJD. At an average height of twenty inches tall, they can unnerve visitors. Many of the dolls are based on characters from her books.
    Jessica’s novels are a cross-genre mash-up; they embrace fantasy with mediaeval warlords, and Victorian adventure with lightning-wielding shamans. A host of underworlds and other dimensions are only a short step away.

    Jessica’s first three books are being reissued by Kristell Ink/Grimbold Books, together with Winterbloom. You can visit their web-site here:

   Visit Jessica’s web-site at to learn more about Mir, the shamanworld.

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