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Star Dog Corruption (Star Dog, Book 2) by Lucas C. Wheeler

Release date: May 12, 2017
Subgenre: Genetic engineering

About Star Dog Corruption


After the Star Dog Fiasco, as it was termed by the media, Star Dog is joined by Nathan, Nicole, and Clancy while trying to rebuild his life. In the midst of a serial jewel theft and deepening conspiracies, can Star Dog truly fit into society, or will society reject him like a bad organ? Will he be able to stop the thefts and honor his name, or is there something more sinister at work?

All in all, something is deeply wrong in Star Dog's mind. He can't stop having nightmares about the family he lost, and his sleepwalking is becoming dangerous. What keeps luring him back to the magical junkyard that he once considered his kingdom?

This is the sequel to Star Dog Legacy.


"So, what do you think?" Nathan asked.
"What am I supposed to think? What am I doing here?" Star Dog asked, more in awe than annoyance.
"Well, to help, since we're trying out new training methods. Are we on the right track? Are there things we could do better to help the dogs understand? Since you have a dog's mind, you can tell us how best to train a dog and more quickly."
"That's why you brought me here?" Star Dog's canine visage brightened with incredulity. "Nathan, I am not like them. I may look like a dog and act like a dog, but I am not like them. I don't know even how to interact with them. They are my kin in physical vessel, but we are on different mental planes. How can I go over to them and be accepted as a dog? How can I speak with them? Do I bark, or do say "Good boy"? Even they avoid me like their humans, because they know instinctively that I am different. To them, I neither dog nor man. I am a sum of zeroes and ones, and that's all I'll ever be. My knowledge was not taught, it was injected. I have no strategies for teaching others of my kind, because I have never learned like them, and I never shall." Star Dog's lamenting monologue hit Nathan in a new light. He cursed himself for never having considered this, and for the first time, he started to think that he had made a terrible mistake to bring Star Dog here so soon. His confidence cracked like armor, and suddenly he wasn't sure what to do, so he let Star Dog lead.
They explored the rest of the facility and watched some more training before going back to Nicole's, but when Star Dog was certain he could offer no insight, they went to Nicole's home and all three of them relaxed for the remainder of the night before bed. Star Dog curled up beside the couch which Nathan was getting comfortable in, and sleep remained elusive before it suddenly attacked and all went black.
The smell of the air was salty and there was a faint breeze. The splashing of water tumbled gently against the wooden dock before rolling back into the harbor, and the smell of fish rode in on the subtle waves. Ship horns sounded through the night, and the moon shone brightly above the marina. Star Dog woke up when water spray splashed onto his face, and he blinked rapidly while gathering his surroundings. He was already standing on the edge of the pier, and he was mid-step right before walking into the inky black bay. He wasn't sure what woken him, but he knew even less of why he was there. Why was he out of the apartment, and where was Nathan? Also, for the first night in a long time, why couldn't he remember his dream?



About Lucas C. Wheeler: 

Lucas C. Wheeler has been writing ever since he could hold a pencil. He has found success in many different levels of writing including second grade contests to university contests throughout his life. He is now focusing on making it as an independent author in the next exciting chapter of his life, which starts with the Star Dog Universe series. His first book, Star Dog Legacy is available now on Amazon and KU, and the trilogy will soon be complete.
He is happily married and currently living in Michigan. He is also owned by one spoiled calico cat, who has a household of servants attending to all of her affection needs.

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