Wednesday, August 2, 2017

As We Rise: Rogue (As We Rise Saga, Book 1) by Donnielle Tyner

Release date: August 1, 2017
Subgenre: Space opera

About As We Rise: Rogue


It's been 48 days since Jo Cygni's father died, leaving her the CS Kismet and its crew of space-born misfits. Despite a lifetime of preparation, Jo never thought she would captain her own ship before her 21st birthday.

Broke and determined to prove she is worthy of command, Jo pushes aside her political concerns and accepts a commission from the Galactic Consulate.

The job? Launch a load of sealed crates into a nearby star.
The catch? Don't open the containers.



Sparks danced across Jo Cygni’s screen as the hull of the CS Kismet shook with a direct hit from another proton missile. Blood flowed down her cheek from the gash ripped in her forehead when her face met the guidance system console during the last barrage. She had left her own station next to the captain in attempt to save the weapons operator. The effort failed, and now it was up to Jo to man the console. Jo furiously swiped as a fresh stream pooled into her eyes just in time to see the bright warning flash across her screen. The shields were down.
“Captain, we cannot take another hit,” Jo screamed as she typed in the commands to reload the cargo ship’s pulsar cannon. The Kismet was a cargo ship and not outfitted with weapons sophisticated enough to fight the Drachen Syndicate. A problem she vowed to remedy as soon as they banked their credits for the liberated Nereus crystals in their cargo.
“Elek, evasive maneuvers. Get us out of range. Now,” the captain growled.
“Aye, Captain.”
Captain Apollo Cygni shifted in his seat as he scanned the bridge. His fingers dug into the arms of his chair, the metal groaning in protest as he assessed the damage to his ship. His home. The crew was in no better shape, and as the captain’s gaze took in the bloody crew he called family, his jaw flexed as he ground his teeth—a tic Jo knew intimately. Apollo was furious. Jo’s stomach dropped at the sight of the metal shard sticking out of his shoulder. She started to go to him, but stopped mid-rise, her cybernetic leg whirring and clicking at the sudden halt. There was no way she could leave her temporary station during battle, even if her father was wincing in pain as he barked orders.
“Siaren! Can you reroute any power from the secondary systems to reengage the primary engines?”
“I’m pulling from all available systems, but it will take a while, Captain.”
Captain Apollo pinched the bridge of his nose as he scanned the read outs from the universal access band—UAB—attached to his wrist. “Jo, is that pulsar cannon reloaded yet? We cannot let them hit us with another one of those damned missiles.”
“We are locked in and loaded, sir. I’ve…” With a soft growl, Jo ripped the hem of her shirt and wrapped the cloth around her head, stanching the flow of blood that hindered her vision. “I’ve got them in my sights, just say the word.”
“Captain, the sensors show that their shields are intact. We shouldn’t waste what’s left of our pulsar missiles if they aren’t doing any damage,” grunted Apollo’s XO.
Jo pushed out her full bottom lip in a pout. “Aww Haedus, you ruin all my fun.” Haedus shook his head in exasperation, but Jo saw the hint of a smile as he turned back to his station.


Available for 99 cents until August 12

About Donnielle Tyner:

Hello! I’m Donnielle Tyner, writer of Science Fiction for young and new adults, reader of just about anything that catches my interests – mainly books with science fiction, paranormal/ fantasy, and romantic themes, and lover of science, tabletop games, anime, comic books, and crude humor.

I grew up in north Texas on a cattle ranch and although I have travelled extensively, I cannot seem to find myself living more than an hour away from where I was raised. Growing up, I was always the weird girl in school and luckily, I never lost my ability to always be the weirdest one in the room. You will always find me making inappropriate jokes and gigglesnorting at every double entendre. 

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