Monday, August 28, 2017

Restless Spectres by A. Woodley

Release date: August 21, 2017
Subgenre: Horror, Ghost story

About Restless Spectres:

Clara was comfortable around ghosts, she'd been aware of them for as long as she could remember and for the most part, she liked having them around.
She had been thinking of leaving Dan for a while and the ideal opportunity presented itself by way of an inheritance from an aunt that she had no previous knowledge of.
Leaving her job, Dan, and her old life behind, Clara heads for her new home and her new life but she soon finds out that she's forced to share her home with an unseen, evil presence that clearly doesn't want her there.
Needing to confront the vicious malevolent spirit or leave her precious new home, Clara tries to carve out a new life, while attempting to rid her castle of the evil presence that threatens to destroy her planned livelihood or her life.


She stopped short as she very nearly walked through the three children that were standing just inside the private hallway.
  Mr Jones wasn’t expecting her to stop dead and he bumped into her, he apologised twice, his face flushed with embarrassment, he had tried to be so professional around Clara and he was mentally kicking himself for looking such a fool in front of her.
  ‘No, I’m sorry, it’s me that should be apologising; it was completely my fault, I thought I saw something, it must be those ghosts you were telling me about.’ Clara said as she laughed, hoping that Mr Jones would think that she was joking. Clara winked at the children and they smiled at her.
  ‘Has this ever been a children’s home?’ Clara asked Mr Jones.
  ‘I don’t know but I can probably find out, I know it has had many uses in its time, why do you ask?’
   ‘Oh, it just feels as though there have been children here, which room is the kitchen? I want to see that first.’ Clara said, quickly changing the subject and hoping that Mr Jones wouldn’t notice.
  ‘That’s at the end on the left with the lounge opposite. Both the kitchen and the lounge have patio doors leading out to the garden.’ Mr Jones said.
Clara loved her kitchen, it had an old charm about it but it didn’t look at all out-dated, she thought that it was just perfect for her. She was overjoyed as she looked out into the garden. She thought that she had caught a glimpse of someone in the garden but it was too fleeting for her to tell whether it was another spirit or a live person.
  From having seen the three children, a boy that looked to be around nine or ten years old and two younger looking girls, and from also being aware of other presences around, Clara knew that her new home definitely was haunted, although maybe not in the way that most people thought of hauntings and ghosts.
  On first entering the hotel she could tell that there were spirits even before seeing the children but she’d had a good feeling about the place and she thought that maybe some of the ghosts might just need help to move on.
  Clara and Mr Jones continued to look over the entire hotel and Clara had loved almost everything about it, especially the intricately carved wooden pieces but she would want to change some of the soft furnishings as she really wasn’t into all of the florals that her aunt had seemed to favour, they would have to go.


It was the very last suite on the top floor that gave Clara a really bad, uneasy sense of dread as she neared the locked door.
  ‘This door is locked.’ Clara said as she tried to open it but she really didn’t want to go in there.



About A. Woodley:

Born in London (South East) many moons ago (1954) & now living in the land of the concrete cows & roundabouts (we're famous for both) in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK.
I started writing poetry & children's books so long ago but did nothing with them.
The children's books need illustrations & that is far beyond my capabilities.
The poetry sat in folders, unattended & forgotten for the most part until I recently came across some publishing info online.
I decided to dig out my old writings & sent off a manuscript to a publisher, they liked my manuscript & offered me a contract but wanted to share (refundable) costs, which was too much for my poor finances to cope with and I had no interest in vanity publishing anyway.
I was then told about self publishing with Amazon & checked it out, so here I am.
My 1st two ebooks  'Glimmer of hope' and 'Life and more'  are random collections of 50 poems in each book,
I do understand that there isn't a huge market for poetry but maybe some people will enjoy my efforts.
I think my favourite poem so far that I've written is 'I want to be a tree'.
My Daughter & Granddaughter have given me lots of encouragement to get published over the years & it now felt like the right time to try.
Eventually I plan to get my children's books published with the help of my Grandaughter, who is artistic but doesn't have a lot of free time, so that could take a while.
I have now written several more short stories, a book of 20 murder short stories (Murder Melange) and I'm currently writing a new book.



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