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Darkness's Fury (Book 2 of the Birthright Secrets series) by Tiffany Cherney

Release date: December 1, 2014
Subgenre: Epic fantasy

About Darkness's Fury


Despite the rather turbulent year, Liz and her fellow Segennyians look forward to the future as their rebuilding efforts continue. Still, whispers and shadows of plots continue to reach her ears, and those that know their unseen enemy won’t—or can’t—give the needed information to reveal them. Only one thing is certain: A storm is brewing and now it’s a matter of being able to stop it.

Even with the threat hanging over her head, Liz refuses to give into fear. Life goes on, and soon the first true holiday Segennya has celebrated openly in years is upon them. It is a time to reflect, to hope, and to make new promises as everyone gathers together once more. As the land awakens for spring the first rumblings of the storm come. The old allies are split, as magic gathers in the south near the old Uranysian capital. Regardless, all of Segennya marches to war; to hopefully force their enemy finally into the open.


Their footsteps echoed as they climbed higher, leaving the talking guards behind them until the conversation faded entirely. “I’d hate to be in here,” Cat said, looking around.
“So would I. Luckily, I do not think that is a problem either of us has to worry about.” They reached the landing and were assaulted by the salty air and a stiff wind coming through the cracks in the building. Liz pulled her cloak tighter as she rounded the corner to the hall that led down the cell blocks. Under the wind, she could faintly hear muttering. Standing at the door to Durj’s cell, she lowered her hood.
For a moment, she felt for him. He lay on the floor nearest the window in the fetal position, his entire body shaking and his mouth moving in nonsense words. His once cleanly shorn head had hair again, streaked with dirt and sweat. His hands moved over his body in an endless cycle, pausing on occasion to hold his head in a death grip.
Next to her she heard Cat’s breath hitch, but the expression on her face was cold. “Durj,” Liz called softly.
He continued to mutter from his place on the floor as though he didn’t hear them. “He listens… always—get him OUT!”
“Who listens, idiot?” Cat demanded. “No one cares to listen right now!”
At Cat’s voice, Durj turned over, his limbs landing lifeless beside him. His ice blue eyes were bloodshot and wide with dark circles ringing them, gaunt cheeks lent to his crazed appearance. He leapt to his feet as much as his bonds would allow and stalked over to the door, keeping a hand on his forehead while the other ran through his hair. “He does…” Durj said blinking as he strained against the chains. “Ah, the traitors of my blood and hospitality. What’s the pleasure? I’ve been here ages and this is fairly far to come for a visit.”
Liz exchanged a look with Cat at the sudden change. “Call it a business visit, Durj. We can stop the man from listening if you tell us where he is. Then you can have peace.”
Durj laughed harshly. “You’ll never stop him.” Durj shuffled in his chains, pacing the cell, both hands digging into his skull. “Pain constant. Right here,” he pointed slammed his fists into his head. “Watches and controls… everything lost…”
   “I don’t think we’re going to get anything out of him worthwhile,” Cat said. “He’s gone.”
Durj rushed at the bars causing her to step back. “I’m not gone!” he roared like a feral bear. Then his tone softened. “What happened to your eye, my dear sister?”
Cat fixed him coldly before lifting the patch. A satisfied smirk spread across her face as he recoiled. “An arrow.”
Durj took a step forward. His lips went into an upward sneer. “Did it hurt?”
Cat’s look was frigid. “Like the day you tried to kill us.”
Durj stepped back, muttering. “My day will come again… I just have a setback, but he’ll serve for now…” He let out a roar of pain, his back bending unnaturally in two, fingernails digging into the skin. His body snapped forward, his eyes wide. “Sorry… I forget…” he apologized to some unseen person. Slowly the tension in his limbs faded.
Durj looked at Cat and Liz. “Oh how I wish I can see it. Maybe I can deal the final blow… maybe he’ll let me…” His eyes focused on Cat entirely. “Pathetic excuse, the arrow should have taken you.” He licked his parched lips. He stepped back toward the window, and Liz pulled Cat away. She remained silent as they watched him pace. “Do not listen to that madman,” Liz insisted.
Cat looked up with tears in her eyes threatening to fall. “Did you get anything useful out of that?”
“Durj is no longer the concern, but someone else is…”
“Death!” Durj screeched as he ran at the bars. When he was unable to reach her, he settled into throwing himself at the wall. “Death to the unworthy Queen!”
 “What’s got him riled up? He’s never been like that,” one of the guards asked stopping by them as the rest pushed past to subdue Durj.
Liz waited until the screams fell silent. “I think it is part madness and part seeing us again.” She turned back to Cat, “We have confirmation that we are not looking for shadows and whispers. Let us leave him here.”
She nodded, walking down the stairs without another look back. Liz took a deep breath and followed suit. By the time she reached the bottom of the steps Cat was already seated in the boat, stone faced.
“Ready, Your Majesty?” asked  the lead soldier as they returned.
“Yes.” And if I have to see him again it will be all too soon, she thought.

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About Tiffany Cherney

Tiffany Cherney is a fantasy and science fiction author and has been telling stories as long as she can remember. She made her debut in 2013 with Vengeance of Segennya, the first book of the Birthright
series. Her day job is being a mom, wife and student. She currently holds a Bachelor’s in International Relations and is currently a graduate student at American Public University.

She lives in Michigan with her husband, son and their assorted other four legged “kids”.


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