Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Otherworlders by Angela Cavanaugh

Release date: January 18, 2015
Subgenre: Post-apocalyptic, dystopian

About Otherworlders:


When a virus threatens humanity with extinction, the desperate and dwindling number of uninfected seek refuge in a parallel universe. The technology is untested. The other universe is unprepared and one thing is made violently clear: they are not wanted.

As a weaponized, fatal virus mutates and threatens to kill all life forms on Earth, Special Agent Williams and the government conspires to send the healthy away. After space travel and going underground are ruled impossible, all that remains is the theoretical technology of an autistic savant: escaping to a parallel universe. But when they travel to the other dimension, their arrival is met with suspicion and hatred. To evade persecution, experimentation, and to save their lives, the Otherworlders must find a way to escape, survive, and outwit Agent Williams's murderous double. 



  Levi frantically worked on making final adjustments to the machine. The commotion outside was growing.
Inside, the machine began humming so loud that he could barely hear anything else.
"We can't wait any longer," shouted Jackson.
"I, I really need a few minutes more," Levi said. "Matthew, how is it looking?"
"The power readings are all within appropriate levels. Coordinates are locked in."
"How are the quantum calculations?"
"As expected. There are some slight fluctuations, but everything should be stable enough."
Gunfire rang sounded from outside the building.
"We don't have a few minutes. It's madness out there," Jackson said.
"Just a second," Levi said.
They could hear the angry yelling of people that had discovered their location. Stones came crashing through the windows, spewing shards of shattered glass. The panes were too small to afford a person to fit through.
Jackson, left with no choice, pulled his gun and placed it squarely against Levi's temple.
"Finish this. Activate the machine, now."
"Okay, okay. Geez," he replied.
"I guess this is it. Here's hoping for, for the best," Matthew said.
He and Levi initiated the sequence.
Jackson holstered his gun. He removed a prepackaged syringe from his breast pocket. With all his duties, he never got around to being tested. Time had run out. He discretely stuck himself with the needle and then returned it to his pocket.
The machine grew louder. Small objects in the room began to fly towards the device, then larger ones. The heavier items screeched and moaned in a desire to join them.
"This is it, Levi. No coming back," Matthew said.
"I, I guess that this is it, then," Levi said.
With a bang, the door burst open and the horde was upon them. Before the crowd could make their way across the warehouse to where the machine sat, Levi closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and threw the final switch.
A whip crack noise slapped the air. A blinding light stopped the mass in their tracks. A blast of energy erupted in all directions from the machine. The wave traveled outward in an expanding ripple as it swept the whole surface of the earth.
In its wake, everyone with a marker disappeared. The only evidence they had been there was their clothes and various belongings lying on the ground where they had been. Those that remained were stunned into silence. All the rioting, all the anger stopped for a moment, as the world's people that were left behind stood together in disbelief.




About Angela Cavanaugh:

Angela is a writer living in Los Angeles. Nomadic by nature, she is from St. Louis, MO originally, spent a few years in Austin, TX, and has no idea where she'll end up, geographically speaking.

She began writing in high school, between and during classes. Her first couple hobby level novels have been banished to never see the light of day. But as she matured, so did her writing skills.

She realized that writing could be more than a hobby. She fell in love with flash fiction and began posting the short stories to her blog weekly. Now, Angela spends most of time working on writing, often polishing completed short stories and novels and creating new ones.

Angela is a two time recipient of an Honorable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest
She has self-published 22 Short Scifi Stories: a flash fiction collection on Amazon. It reached #6 on the category best seller list. It is also available in audio.

In 2015, she will have two stories published in The Future Chronicles series. Angela is currently working on a number of other projects, and has a lot planned.

2015 is going to be an exciting year :)

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