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Fusion (Book 2 of The Aydian Series) by Phil Stern

Release date: December 31, 2015
Subgenre: Space opera, science fiction

About Fusion


With Aydia lurching ever closer to a general war, old loyalties are being stretched to the breaking point, even while radical new allegiances are taking shape.

Now on the run together, Rayson and Saira desperately strive to form a coalition opposing the dark forces sweeping their planet. Forced to work directly with both the Kax and the Alliance governments, the two former lovers must also finally acknowledge the scandal of their high-profile past.

Meanwhile, the details of that history continue to assert themselves. Fifteen years before, the Save Saira movement nearly destroyed the young Srendian. How can Saira possibly hold everyone at bay, even as the most damning fallout from her innocent college liaison remains secret? 

Fusion is the second book in The Aydian Series, with the story picking up right where it left off at the end of Aydia.



ONCE AGAIN, Rayson and Saira found themselves whisking low over the water in the passenger compartment of an even larger Kax aircar. This time, however, both were at least marginally refreshed, each having snatched a few hours sleep in the underwater Kax facility.
            They were also properly dressed for the first official summit meeting between Pylendora and  the Alliance. As might be expected, Saira was absolutely stunning in an elegant, soft outfit of Srendian green. In mild deference to the gravity of the situation, the Ambassador’s lush blonde hair was partially pulled back, though her chestnut flash continued to glow with barely-subdued vitality.
            For his part, Rayson wore the traditional coal-black uniform of a Pylendoran Director, yet with some modifications. In addition to the five blue bands on each forearm, he’d added a stylish blue sash as a belt. He’d also eschewed the traditional stiff collar and stark gleaming diamond studs in favor of a small gold mountain lion on his left breast. Thus, the handsome 34-year-old outwardly retained the customary trappings of his country’s authoritarian past, while adding a definite dash of modern style.
            The overall effect definitely worked, Saira privately admitted. Without question, Rayson Sacks appeared the moderate, dashing leader for a new, progressive age.
            Escorted by a pair each of Alliance and Pylendoran aircraft, the Fstendian coastline soon faded from view completely as they cut across the Sea of Jensen towards the western continent. Their ultimate destination was a secret base in Hedlar, where the leaders of Aydia’s various nations were now assembling. Saira, of course, would represent Srendia. With General Mxeteda still involved in the military standoff back home, Rayson would lead Pylendora’s delegation.
            At first the former lovers said little, each lost in their own thoughts. Saira, however, was far more relaxed than she’d been before, even tolerating their mild intermingling of mental energies without resistance.
            “I’m sorry that I threw you down to the floor outside of the conference room,” she finally said, now turning her gaze to Rayson across the rear passenger compartment. “You didn’t deserve that.”
            “It’s nothing you haven’t done before,” he sighed, idly staring down at his own gleaming boot.
            “Poor you.” Raising a thoughtful eyebrow, she couldn’t help smiling. “Someone should have warned you about Srendian women years ago.”
            “They did. I just wasn’t smart enough to listen.”
            “Well, you would if you’d grown up on Srendia,” she continued. “Back home, even children are warned to stay away from ‘rogue females.’”
            “Rogue females?” Of course, Rayson knew of the deep social stigma Saira had suffered as a result of their college relationship, but he’d never heard this particular term before. “That’s a bit harsh.”
            “Oh, that’s the polite way of putting it,” she laughed, stretching stiff arms out wide. “After all, I haven’t had a Srendian husband suppressing me emotionally and mentally since I was a teenager, or maybe just beating me now and again when he got bored. Clearly, I’m a danger to proper society.”
            A moment passed, Rayson watching the light spray from the waves below gently dotting the side window. “Your return to Srendia must have been very difficult.”
            “Oh, it was brutal, at first. But I’ve been well compensated, both in power and freedom.” Leaning back, Saira’s hands lightly rested on her own skirt. “Life’s often a trade off. As you well know.”
            “But still…” Unsure if he was overstepping his bounds, Rayson carefully studied her tense profile sitting several feet away. “I’m sorry if I caused…”
            “Look, it was my choice to go to Frandasia in the first place. It was also my decision to lose my virginity.” Pausing, she gave a determined nod. “In retrospect, I wanted to reject a traditional Srendian life from the beginning. Someone like you was obviously going to be a big part of that process.”
            “Really?” Now Rayson couldn’t help smiling. “Now I feel all used.”
            “Look, what I’m saying is that you didn’t do anything wrong in loving me.” Though seemingly irritated, Saira’s mental aura remained relatively calm. “In many ways, it was a very courageous thing to do. Being with another girl, or ten others, would have been a thousand times easier.”
            “You were the one I wanted, Saira. Ever since the moment I first saw you.”
            “Oh, I remember. The fair outside campus.” Brushing back her long, blonde hair, Saira’s eyes were suddenly soft and warm again. “And things were wonderful at first. For most of it, actually.”
            “It was the most important time of my life.”
            “Yes. But in the end, we all know what happened.” Pointedly looking right at him, she now tried to disentangle herself from their renewed emotional awareness. “And at the end of the day, no one can go back in time. Not even us.”
            “Is that so?” Completely open to their inner world, Rayson deliberately surged up against her. “This would seem to argue otherwise.”



About Phil Stern: 

Phil Stern is a Science Fiction and Fantasy author who occasionally dabbles in Contemporary Fiction. He splits his time between New York and Florida.

More books and series additions are on the way, so please hit the "Follow" button on Phil's Amazon Author Page for direct updates on new releases.

The Cross-Worlds Coven Series includes Witches, Earth Fire, and Rivals. The series features Tiffany Smith, an Earth-based member of an inter-dimensional Coven. The story begins with an attack on a sister sorceress by an unknown wizard, drawing Tiffany into a deadly magical conflict. Look for Book Four in the series coming in 2016.

Aydia is the lead book in a multi-layered, Science Fiction epic featuring revolt and romance in a remote solar system. Book Two, Fusion, was recently released in January of 2016.

Stand alone SciFi offerings include Rogue Powers, The Reclaimed, and A Time For Ryda.

The Bull Years is modern, Contemporary Fiction with an edge. Spanning multiple lives and decades, it's the story of Generation X, also known as America's Most Disillusioned Generation.

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