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High Pressure System: First Season Underground Box Set by K.D. Kinney

Release date: December 21, 2015
Subgenre: Post-apocalyptic science fiction

About High Pressure System: First Season Underground


No one knows why they have to evacuate. What they do know is people all over the world have died and it has something to do with the weather.

Rachel is a shy wallflower and typical college student when she’s evacuated with a bunch of people she doesn't know to an underground bunker in the desert. Her family is far away and she can't contact them anymore. The only comfort she brings with her are her dogs.

Everyone is struggling to settle in because they still don't understand exactly what they are hiding from. However, Rachel and her new father figure, Jim suspect it has something to do with technology controlled weather.

The genius guy in charge seems to know everything, but the only information he is giving out is apartment assignments and an expanding list of rules.

Rachel is determined to capture his attention to find out what it is they are hiding from. However, it might be more information than anyone can handle.

They could be all that's left of life on Earth. That is if the people don’t start a war with each other in the underground apartment building.

It will take a lot of inventiveness with limited resources for them to survive the Weather Wars.

The Complete Boxed Set of the First Season Underground


Clear blue sky was overhead. If it hadn’t been, no one would have been going anywhere. That much I knew. The beautiful, warm, spring day wasn’t enough to settle anyone’s nerves. Not even mine. Families joined together in tight groups and I struggled to maneuver around their slow moving knots that tied up the flow of traffic. Armed National Guard troops lined the street. They really didn’t need their guns as they gave directions to distressed evacuees. I was one of those distressed, helpless people that needed directions when I got turned around. I was terrified I’d miss my bus. There was no backup plan for people who didn’t heed the order and make it on time. All the landmarks I was used to looking for were impossible to find with the people that filled the streets. A nice guardsman showed me where I took a wrong turn. I had to backtrack against the current of people for an entire block before I found my way again, rejoining the stream until I found South Evacuation Lot 73.

“Rachel Gardener,” I muttered, gripping the dog carrier handle tight, almost afraid to look the woman in the eye that asked for my name. She could have stopped my dogs from leaving with me. She nodded, allowing me to join the people in the parking lot waiting for the buses.

“Bus four fifty-seven. You might want to let your dogs walk a little. You have a long ride.” She gave me a pained smile. Obviously this wasn’t any easier for her. I let out a long slow breath of relief when I didn’t have to make a scene.

The dogs romped around in the grass briefly as the rapidly expanding crowd filled the parking lot. I found the sign for bus four fifty-seven and waited at the end of the line as our group was herded onto the bus by more armed guardsman. I smiled at the young girl in front of me that was trying to calm her yowling cat in a cardboard pet box. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one bringing my pets along. I also spotted a birdcage, a couple more pet carriers, and a beta fish in a bowl being carried by a kid with a wet shirt.

I muttered soothing words to the dogs on my lap even though I gripped the handle tight with sweaty hands and my shoulders knotted up as the overcrowded bus took me with one hundred fourteen strangers to Underground Bunker 3897. The more time we spent on the bus traveling further away from the city and heading deeper into the desert, the more I dreaded arriving where we were all going to live together.



About K.D. Kinney: 

K.D. Kinney moved a ridiculous number of times by the time she turned 18 and has a treasure trove of memories from living around the country to draw from, even traveling to and from Alaska by car. Living in the heart of Boise, Idaho, K.D.Kinney spends her days writing with her Chiweenies, Dobby and Yoda, sleeping at her feet. That is when they aren't chasing squirrels or barking at every thump in the house. K.D. Kinney is a mother of five daughters. Surrounded by far too much estrogen, shoes, and ponytail holders, they are the inspiration for many of her characters when writing for Young Adults. 

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