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Reckoning in the Void (Book 3 of Saints of Wura) by J.T. Williams

Release date: January 14, 2016
Subgenre: Epic fantasy

About Reckoning in the Void:

The world falls towards darkness.

Magic is awakening in the north and the Grand Protectorate retreats after its bloody defeat at Srun. Sviska stands with the Island Nation against the evils of The Order and the Itsu Priest as the allies of magic make plans for their push against the capital city of their enemy. But all is not as it seems.

The Itsu Priest is tightening his grip on the legions of the north changing them from men to unholy beasts. The Saints of Wura must move quickly to save Garoa's daughter from his evil clutches but some fear she could already be dead. Furthermore, hundreds have been kidnapped as sacrifices for a dark ritual and the time for the incantation draws near.

Sviska is moving closer to unlocking the powers of his Dwemhar ancestry but as the blood curse ensnares his mind, he can only pray he is powerful enough to resist the will of The Order.

He made a stand against a dark evil in the icy mountains of Elinathrond but now his life, and that of those he has grown to call friends, may be forfeit.



“What of the fleet?”
“Tulasiro will go to them with speed as soon as we began, she will lead them in and we will jump onto my boat as it enters behind the flag ships. We only need to hold the gate for the ships to arrive. Was their any word from Brethor and the allies of Taria?”
“Then we will assume they will not come. It is up to us, Saint of Wura.”
They were entering shallower water. Tulasiro’s horn was visible, a glistening sight with water splashing over it. The bridge was ahead and two lone guards stood near the center with torches behind them.
Sviska did not know if it was the sliding of Kealin’s blades from their sheaths or the sound of the narwhal, but the two men turned to see the form of the half-elf flying between them, his daggers cutting each of their throats. The bodies fell from the bridge, spilling their blood in the water.
Kealin landed back in the boat, his daggers held reversed against his forearms. He knelt down, “Prepare for our blade work.”
Sviska slid Sishan from his sheath and held it ready. Tulasiro had hit deeper water again and thundered underneath them picking up speed even as they began to see the torches along the walls of Lokam. Sviska spotted the river gate and a dock to the right of it. The dock was not very big, enough for one or two ships, but it was obvious it was no port. There were four legionnaires and none of them looked towards them. Any other night than this it would not have been such a folly.
The boat banked to the left of the river, skidding the riverbank before Tulasiro surged forward again. She seemed to aim her horn towards those on the dock. She turned to the right, leaving the mouthpiece she used to pull the ship behind. She dove underneath the water just before she exploded back out, striking the men on the dock, crushing two of them. Two others fell into the water. The narwhal rolled into the water crushing one before throwing the other away and then driving her horn into his side. Flapping her tail, she propelled herself back away from the gateway.
The boat slowed and Kealin and Sviska leapt from it and ran along the docks towards the wall. Above them, two guards pointed but Sviska threw his knives in quick succession, silencing them. Kealin jumped for the gate, climbing straight up before leaping off the metal and grasping two parts of the wall just below the level of the crenelation. In a few more moments, Sviska saw him disappear over the top, metallic clanging followed and a legionnaire flew off the wall.




About the Saints of Wura trilogy: 


Book Two: Arcane Awakening

About J.T. Williams:


J.T. Williams is a fantasy author living in Texas with his wife and five kids. It is here he writes new books when he isn't in his backyard with his children having make-believe battles against the orcs invading from next door. As a longtime lover of fantasy and the surreal, he hopes you enjoy his contributions to the world of fantasy lore and magic. 

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