Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Increasingly Transparent Girl (Tales From Between, Book 3) by Matthew Stott

Release date: February 14, 2016
Subgenre: Children's fantasy, weird fiction

About The Increasingly Transparent Girl:


Things live between awake and asleep. In the moment after your eyes grow too heavy to stay open, but before the dreams take you.

One day, Melody May begins to disappear from view. Her hands, her knees, her face, her everything. A monster’s enchantment has ensnared her, and now Melody must travel across a strange and dangerous land between awake and asleep to reclaim herself; otherwise, in 48 short hours, she will never have existed at all...


That night, Melody thought she awoke to the blackness of her room, but she did not. It was certainly her room; at the very least it looked an awful lot like it. And it was certainly dark, there was no question of that, but things were not altogether as they seemed.
Soon Melody could feel it. The quiet had a presence. She thought back to drifting off to sleep under the twisted oak in Carsters Wood. She had experienced a similar silence then, had she not?
Melody sat up and clicked on the bedside lamp. Her heart leapt into her throat; it was the only thing that prevented a startled scream from forcing its way out.
‘Hello,’ she said finally, as her frantic heart returned to its normal position.
‘Hello,’ replied the thing crouched in one corner of her room, its voice like fingernails on a coffin lid. It was dressed in tattered rags that slowly waved in the air, as though the thing were underwater, and its skin had the mottled, moist look of a week-old corpse.
‘Why are you in my room?’ Melody asked.
‘I’m not. Not really.’
‘But I see you right there. Crouched in one corner of my room.’
‘Yes. You see me. I don’t see you though.’ It smiled, if that was what the expression could be called. It was cruel, mocking, and it caused the hairs on the back of Melody’s neck to stand on end as a shiver danced up and down her spine.
‘Please leave.’
‘Soon. Soon.’
Melody wondered if she should scream. Scream for help. Scream for her Dad to come racing through to see off this vile, sorry-looking creature. But what if she did? Perhaps she would only be putting her poor, silly Dad in mortal danger. She decided to wait; she would only call for help if she really thought she needed it.
‘What are you?’
‘I am ... hungry. I have opened my eyes and I am very hungry, Melody May.’ The thing looked at her as though it expected pity.
‘Do you know what happened to me? To my visible body?’ Melody felt strangely sure that this creature knew that very thing.
The creature placed an elongated finger to its cheek and slid it down, its jagged fingernail opening a wound from which a spider scuttled. ‘Perhaps, Melody May. Oh, perhaps I do.’


About Matthew Stott:

Matthew Stott writes strange stories.

Influenced by the likes of seminal TV show 'Doctor Who', and writers Neil Gaiman and Stephen King, he crafts stories full of creep, wonder, and adventure.

Matthew Stott has scares to tell.

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