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Stop the Sirens (Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse, Book 3) by E.E. Isherwood

 Release date: February 14, 2016
Subgenre: Post-apocalyptic science fiction, horror 

About Stop the Sirens


When the sirens end, "post-apocalypse" begins.

Exhausted after two weeks of rolling chaos since the sirens, Liam and his family prepare for their biggest challenge yet.
Fifteen-year-old Liam Peters starts his day in a muddy creek. The Air Force tried to wipe his subdivision off the map, but luck and fast feet helped him find refuge from the big bombs. When he looks up, he sees his whole life has been swept away by fire. And Grandma? He'd been successful getting her out of the city, and across suburbia, but she was snatched from him minutes prior to the attack. She'd gotten a one-way ticket to a brutal government facility set up to research the cure.
As a studious reader of zombie literature, Liam knows the dangers of being without shelter or direction during the zombie plague. He'd already been attacked by angry looters, malicious refugees, and hordes of zombies. His house had been riddled by a chain gun--twice--before the final bombs fell. He tried to look ahead, but saw little hope. He was bolstered by Victoria, but without Grandma by his side he felt defeated.
And yet, hope was out there. People were coming together to survive and help each other. One such group was at the Beaumont Boy Scout Reservation. It was an enclave of peace within the swirl of zombies and death engulfing all of metropolitan St. Louis. There Liam and his family might find a base from which to search for Grandma Marty.
As book 3 concludes, Liam will learn the origin of the plague, the fate of Grandma, and whether a couple of teenagers have anything to look forward to in a world filled with zombies.


Liam and Victoria retreated toward the muddy hill, too.
They were met by a dour gaggle of elderly loitering at the base of the incline. There were ten or twelve people, mostly women, who had apparently decided not to climb to the summit. Many of the fleeing shooters saw them, hesitated, then ran on when the women shook their heads vigorously in the negative. As Liam arrived, he had to stop.
You have to try to get to the top.” He shouted it as loud as he could. The moans and yells of the zombie horde was all-encompassing.
The closest old woman calmly shook her head no. She made no effort to move, or speak. He realized they were all praying. Several had Rosaries in their hands. A couple grasped the crosses on their necklaces. One ancient man wore a yarmulke.
It was too much for Liam. His emotions churned like the battle around him. He was distraught to see these people were destined to die in this dirty forest.
Liam. We—” Victoria choked on her own words, “we have to go. We can't save them.”
 A firm hand pulled him away to follow the other young people. He hated himself for thinking the deaths of the elderly would give him a head-start on his own escape.
The muddy leaves were much worse than they appeared from the bottom. He imagined himself in a movie scene where the monsters pursue an ever-slowing hero in a bladder-loosening chase. Without any path up the hill they had to lunge from sapling to sapling to keep from slipping back down.
Victoria, don't look back. Just climb.”
The gunfire fizzled out behind and around them.
The screams at the bottom began.
I'm so sorry. I really am.
Don't look back. I'm serious!”
He made sure she was ahead of him. Any other time he would be happy to have such a nice view, but not today. He wanted to catch her if she fell. If he missed, she might end up dead. That meant they'd both die...
Liam didn't take his own advice. When he had the chance, he looked back. Some of the last gunslingers struggled up the hill, the same as him. There were only a few. Thirty or forty dirty zombies at the vanguard of the horde started their way up, too. They were clumsy, but indefatigable.
The race was on.
Let me guess! Don't look back?” She laughed, but Liam recognized it as her nervous and slightly fatalistic laugh. Perfectly appropriate for this situation. But she was also stubborn. She grabbed a stout tree and turned herself around.
Did her knees just buckle? I thought that was just a cliché?



About the Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse series: 



About E.E. Isherwood:

E.E. Isherwood has been a storyteller for over 30 years. As a young teen he would create elaborate imaginary worlds as a Dungeon Master for many Dungeons and Dragons adventures. He kept them all in spiral-bound notebooks. His wife often wondered why those bins of notebooks kept following her from house to house. He began to wonder about that too. But three decades and several careers later he realized they were stories, and he could put those storytelling skills to good use again by writing books. A life-long enthusiast of apocalyptic fiction, writing about zombies was his first passion. He has other book ideas based on those old notebooks. He lives in the St. Louis, Missouri area, where his series of zombie books takes place.



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