Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Girl Who Twisted Fate's Arm (The Road Demands Tribute, Book 1) by George Saoulidis

Release date: March 5, 2016
Subgenre: Young Adult Fantasy

About The Girl Who Twisted Fate's Arm


Keep calm and join the Amazons!

When the daughter of Greece's premier singer fails to sing as expected, she finds out about a biker group of women. But will she manage to find the elusive Orosa, the bikers' motovlogger, when all she has to go on are random street-sightings of criminal behaviour, when her family is opposed to her following this path and when her dad's employer wants to keep her as she was for marketing purposes?

Do you want to know what's next for the voiceless Aura? Do you wanna meet the Amazons? Then read this coming of age story in a world where fate is quite literal.

Sons Of Anarchy meets The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in this coming of age street gang novel.   



Aura could see music notes everywhere. Notes on the board, notes on the books, notes on the girls’ jewelry around her.
Notes hated her.
She hated them back.
Wheels though, wheels were nice. By default they took you to faraway places. Notes did that too of course, but Aura never figured out how to harness that. The wheels on the other hand, all they needed was a good kick and downhill you went.
She rubbed the bruise on her thighs. And the bruise on her stomach. And the bruise on her hand, from the time when she found out it was inadvisable to punch a biker harness.
The writing in front of her needed more notes, that much was certain. They reminded her of something, she had seen some of those before. What did it matter though? Her professors would let her pass anyway. All she needed was to show up. Scribble something. The musical pentagram in front of her was like highway lanes and she drove the tip of her finger, zig-zagging between the notes like a bike between cars in traffic.
She touched her new helmet that was on the seat beside her and smiled. She clenched her teeth; her jaw still hurt. The night before she had needed to place both hands on the steering wheel of the bike to stop Orosa. She, in reply, had telegraphed her answer with a headbutt using her red helmet. Aura had never imagined that something with fluffy ears could hurt so much. Despite being small, the knee pads are perfect for kicking somebody’s stomach. Aura had gotten through two full-contact blows on the neck and had managed to pin her down using her own heavier body, but it was like trying to hold down a wild animal.
Orosa had kicked her ass, that much was certain. She couldn’t deny that.  In-between the kicks and the raised arms struggling to protect her head Aura had demanded again, “I wanna come with you.”
Orosa had stopped then and gotten on her bike. After a silence that seemed like a century, she’d said “I ain’t waiting around all day,” and they were the best words Aura had heard in her whole life.
Aura scribbled a few more notes, made sure she could stand up without tripping over from the pain and submitted her exam paper, while bracing her brand new blue helmet in the other hand.

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About George Saoulidis:

Writer/Director. I enjoy taking ancient Greek myths and turning them into modern sci-fi spooky versions. I plan to get a cliché photo resting my chin on my fist soon, but the Internet keeps getting in the way. Do not believe what Wikipedia says about me.

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