Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Wizard's War (The Chronicles of Tevenar, Book 4) by Angela Holder

Release date: March 8, 2016
Subgenre: Epic fantasy

About The Wizard's War


For the first time in its history, Tevenar is at war. The Matriarch of Ramunna, furious with the wizards she believes betrayed her, has sent the Armada to conquer and destroy. Armed with a secret weapon that makes them the unchallenged terror of the seas, the ships of the Armada descend on vulnerable Tevenar.

Elkan and Josiah, along with the rest of the Wizard’s Guild, scramble to rally the people of Tevenar to defend their home. The Mother’s power gives them a chance to stand against their foes, but alone it’s not enough. To defeat the Ramunnans, they must find a way to duplicate their enemies’ weapons. Josiah believes they can, because they’ve encountered a similar explosive before. But only one person in Tevenar knows how to make and use the deadly blasting powder—Meira, the woman Elkan once loved and rejected.


Another boom, another shudder. Elkan cursed. “They’re too fast.”
Two more thunderclaps followed, much too quickly for the Ramunnans to have reloaded. With a sinking heart, Josiah realized more of the Tevenaran ships had come within the weapons’ range.
How long would it be before the Mother’s power could reach the Ramunnan ship? And what was small and light enough for them to move at the edge of their range, yet powerful enough to disable the weapon? The huge tube was invulnerable to anything they could do; it would take two wizards to budge it even up close. Maybe they could shove the hatch closed, or rip open the bags of powder, or snuff the smoldering cord, or—
With a lurch in his stomach he realized the answer. Sar, it’s only a matter of time before everyone on this ship dies. Any shot from that weapon could do it—one hit below the waterline and we sink. We’re too far from shore to swim, even if the ship doesn’t pull us down with it. Am I right, or am I missing something?
Sar considered for a moment before answering. I agree with your assessment.
So the Mother will let us do whatever we need to, even kill them all, to stop them firing the weapon.
The mental silence was longer this time. Yes.
All right. Josiah couldn’t let himself think about what he was going to do. He was saving their lives. That was all that mattered.
At his request Sar returned the window to the powder room and focused on the lantern that swung from a hook in the ceiling. It burned some sort of oil, Josiah saw on closer examination. A metal fitting held a wick suspended with one end in a metal cup full of fuel.
Try to reach it. Energy drained from his muscles as Sar sent a thread of gold light spooling out. Josiah took his eyes away from the window to peer out his slit. He couldn’t make out the slender beam of light against the sunlit sea, even though he knew where to look. Good. The Ramunnans wouldn’t be able to, either.
Within the window, the tip of the thread pierced the wall of the powder room and slid along the ceiling. The busily laboring Ramunnan never looked up from his work. Sar sent the light of the Mother’s power to surround the lantern with a soft gold glow. It blended with the lantern’s own light so that it was almost imperceptible.
Josiah gulped. His familiar would do it, but only at Josiah’s command. The choice, as always, was his.
Sar floated the lantern off its hook. At this distance it felt as if they were lifting a boulder. The lantern swooped across the room and crashed into the ranks of barrels. 



About The Chronicles of Tevenar: 

Prequel: Calling
Book 1: The Fuller's Apprentice
Book 4: The Wizard's War

About Angela Holder:

Angela Holder lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband of twenty-four years. She has three children: one starting high school, one starting college, and one grown, married, and out on her own. She spends a lot of time in Starbucks, drinking vanilla lattes and flat whites and telling stories about her imaginary friends. She enjoys dabbling in many hobbies, including spinning, knitting, weaving, costuming, hot air ballooning, singing in my church choir, and performing in amateur musicals.


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