Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Martian Inheritance (Athena Lee Chronicles, Book 7) by T.S. Paul

Release date: May 31, 2016
Subgenre: Space opera

About The Martian Inheritance


Athena Lee and her sidekick Wilson return for this action packed adventure. Athena is sent to Mars on a secret mission to help capture a war criminal responsible for the deaths of thousands. He is hiding on the Planet Mars. Athena has family she had never met on the Red Planet. This is her chance to visit them. The Cabal has given the fugitive shelter and is plotting to rule. Mysteries and plots abound as Athena discovers the meaning of her inheritance.


 “Athena! Grab Amalie and get under cover: someone just launched a group of rockets at your location! You only have seconds!”

“Grandmother, we need to run! Jenkins, rockets incoming!”

I grabbed my grandmother and had just reached the entranceway when my world went white. The flash and sudden concussion threw Amalie and I to the floor. Corporal Jenkins had been directly behind me. Catching the worst of the blast, he was tossed over us and crashing into the far wall. He lay there groaning in pain. Blinking my eyes rapidly cleared them of the flash spots.

“What the hell kind of weapon was that? The room we were in is just… gone!”

“Something that is not supposed to be in anyone’s hands! Help me up, child.” My great grandmother was laying on the floor staring up at me. I reached down and helped her to her feet. Looking around I caught sight of Jenkins. Kneeling down I checked his vitals. “He’s alive!”

I heard pounding as emergency crews came racing up the stairs. “Primus Dorr? Are you OK?”

A large man clad in a bright red suit carrying an axe was standing over the two of us. “I’m fine Captain, but my granddaughter’s guard is hurt.” She pointed to Jenkins.

“Athena, if you had not grabbed me… ” I stopped her.

“Great Grandmother can we discuss this somewhere else? I think the walls have ears… ” I pointed above me and all around.

Amalie nodded her head. “I think you’re right. Let’s make sure your guard is taken care of properly.”

Following the rescue crew were her security forces and Gaston Pebbleberry. “Primus are you well?”

“Gaston I’m fine, let us go somewhere… more private to discuss this. Shall we?”

Gaston led us past the rescue workers to a private lift hidden in the wall. After he keyed a special code the lift descended rapidly. Below her house was a small hangar bay containing an unusual looking shuttle. Gaston held the door open as Amalie climbed on board. “I think we are secure now, child. Now, how did you know about the attack?”

I looked in Gaston’s direction. Amalie saw that and answered my unspoken question. “He is completely loyal, but only to me. Technically, he is a cousin of yours but he claims no family. He has sworn his loyalty to me and I believe him.”

“Since you knew about me do you know the story of my rescue from the Diablo system?”

“I do. I was very happy to hear that you had returned. My spies were shocked at the information that you uncovered about the governor and all the corruption.”

“OK, that makes this a shorter story. Located on one of the wrecked ships in Diablo was a functioning computer console. It had functioned beyond every piece of equipment on the ship, save the reactor. In that computer I found a functional Artificial Intelligence.”

“Wait, you found an AI?”

“Yes. PPL scientists had made the breakthrough early in the war. Unlike the AI’s that we use today this one was fully aware and free-thinking. He had been trapped on that ship for a long time. I saved him and he moved in.”

“Moved in?” Amalie looked puzzled Gaston looked horrified.

I pointed to my head. “My neural interface. He took over my link and moved in. His name is Wilson.”

“You have a computer living in your head?”


About T.S. Paul:

I was born in 1968 in Mineral Wells, Tx. I have lived all across the country:Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Alaska, and finally Missouri. I have worked as a Disc Jockey, Bookstore manager, Cook, and bowling alley attendant. I have a Telecommunication degree and a Culinary degree. I was a history major before I discovered multimedia. Gardening and cooking is my passion. My wife and I live outside of St Louis, Missouri. I have always been a Huge fan of Science Fiction and fantasy I bring my love of the genre to my writing. I'm a first time writer.

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