Thursday, July 20, 2017

Elusive (Vampirica, Book 2) by Aria Sparke

Release date: June 21, 2017
Subgenre: Urban fantasy, Paranormal romance

About Elusive


Lily Winter flees from Tarek, the vampiric leader of the Ruberios, and the terrifying Berisha clan while mourning her young friend’s death. Although desperately missing Flynn, she flies alone across the world to an uncertain future. A shocking surprise awaits her in Australia, spinning her belief and trust into chaos. Will her blossoming romance with gorgeous Flynn ramp to a new level? Or will she fall under the glamour of the hot and irresistible Tarek? Follow Lily as she races to develop her witchcraft while balancing her dream to become a doctor. Venture deeper with her into a world of new witches and dhampirs and discover whether she can find the courage to evade and fight dark vampiric forces.


In the early hours of daylight, the plane dropped from the bright blue sky to an airport surrounded by pale olive hills. Flight made me vulnerable and uneasy, so when we touched down on the tarmac, I was grateful to be on solid ground once more. As I scrambled from the plane, I may as well have been an astronaut climbing from his shuttle onto a foreign moon. Everyone I loved was so far away, and I was so completely alone.

After witnessing Bella’s death, leaving Flynn behind and flying across the world, I battled to maintain composure while waiting for my luggage in the terminal. Nauseated and exhausted, I felt my head spin. Holding my handbag tightly in one hand, I grabbed my case with the other before negotiating the usual security and screening. Emerging into the outside lounge, I searched the gathered crowd for a sign. Someone holding a card with the words ‘Anubis student’ caught my attention, so I hurried in his direction. Alexis had promised someone would be waiting for me here but had given no names.

Nearing the cardholder, I felt my breath leave my lungs and my legs buckle with shock. My jet lag and the trauma I’d experienced in Wicklow were creating an optical illusion I reasoned as I staggered forward. There could be no other explanation. Surely when the cardholder removed his hat and dark glasses, he would look different.

The mirage shepherded me toward a doorway where I followed him through to a sunlit exterior. He guided me along a path that threaded between stark, angular airport buildings to the outside world that was dazzling and clear. No rain fell and no clouds impeded my vision. Canberra wasn’t like Wicklow, at least not today.

‘How?’ I finally said between clenched teeth when we reached a parking lot far from the pickup area. ‘Who are you?’ My tone echoed my disgust.

He remained silent until he’d ushered me into the passenger seat of the car and closed the door.

I fought to control my anger. ‘You’re dead,’ I accused him after he’d climbed into the driver’s seat. I struggled to make sense of him.

‘I know what you’re thinking, Lily,’ he said quietly in his usual voice.

After he had removed his hat and glasses, I stole glances at this face. It was surreal and frightening seeing him again.

‘I’m so sorry. I don’t know what else to say.’

For the past few years, every time I flew I carried tragedy, so weighty and profound that it was a miracle the planes got off the ground. When my mother and I left Florida to fly to Wicklow, we thought my father was dead. Two years later and burdened by grief again, I jetted to Australia after my mother and Bella’s deaths. It was becoming a soul-destroying pattern leaving me with no reason to continue. Perhaps I was the trouble. If I never planned to travel again, would all those I loved stay safe? I’d have happily kept my feet planted on the Earth if it were so.


About Aria Sparke:

Aria is a fantasy and paranormal author who writes for readers of all ages. Her new series, Vampirica follows the loves and lives of Lily and Avery, brave and beautiful witches. The Vampirica universe overflows with vampires and dhampirs, dangerous and dazzling, who make love and war on shifting nightscapes in North America, Australia and the ancient, Icelandic Galdrar Academy.

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