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One of Me is Missing (Minnesota Strange) by Laramie Sasseville

Release date: July 10, 2017
Subgenre: YA fantasy, Coming of age

About One of Me is Missing


To fourteen-year-old Sally Knox, the world is a buffet of fascinating things to do and learn. She wants it all: martial arts, theater, sculpture, cooking, robotics, music, computer science - you name it!
So, what happens when she gets her wish to be in enough places at once to take all the summer school classes she wants? Complications are just the beginning - before the end, one of her goes missing and the rest must come to the rescue or be trapped forever in their multitudinous state.


“This is ridiculous,” one of them said again. “We need to get organized, assign ourselves numbers or something.”
“Numbers are too hierarchical,” another argued. “It would imply one of us was more important than the rest.”
Sally-on-the-bed felt pretty sure she was the first and original Sally, but if they all felt the same way about that… “You’ve got a point. Maybe colors? I’ll be Green.”
“Fine.” Church-going Sally, now fully dressed, ran the brush through her hair. “I’ll be Pink.”
“We hate pink,” another Sally objected.
“I don’t,” Sally Pink said. “Maybe while I’m at church the rest of you can figure out what other differences there are among us.”
“Good idea,” agreed the one who’d declared a dislike of the color pink.
“I’ll be Blue.”
“Purple!” call the one waiting nearest the door.
Sally Pink slipped out along with Purple as the most recent bathroom user returned and asked, “What’s going on?” Sally Pink made a clatter as she went down the stairs.
 “We’re choosing color-designations,” one answered. “I’ll be Orange.”
“Can I be green?”
“Already taken!” Sally Green replied from the bed, where Sally Blue had squeezed in to sit beside her.
“Okay, I’ll be Yellow.”
“I’ll be Black,” the one who’d been sorting out shoes in the closet piped up.
“What does that leave?”
“You can be Red,” Sally Yellow suggested.
“Too dull. No. I’ll be Crimson.”
“Well then, I’ll be Saffron,” Sally-formerly-known-as-Yellow declared.
“Is that everybody?” Sally Black asked. “I think I’ve got enough footwear for everyone. I count eight, including Pink and Purple. Pink’s got a pair of sandals. We’ve got four pair of sneakers, two more pair of sandals and a pair of flip flops, unless anyone wants to wear our winter boots.”
“The pair of sneakers in back should have been thrown out a long time ago.” Crimson wrinkled her nose.
“I don’t care. I’ll take those,” Black said.
By this time everyone had donned a T-shirt and some sort of pants. Saffron handed out socks to go with the sneakers. “At this rate we’ll have to do laundry every day.”
“No way,” Green said. “Mom would notice. We’d run out of detergent in no time.”
“This won’t work,” Purple returned. “We can’t all live here in this one tiny room with one bed, and one bathroom available.”
Others chimed in. “One bicycle!” “One smart phone!”
From below came the sound of the door slamming shut. Pink probably did it on purpose, Green thought, to signal them she and Mom had left.
“Break!” she called. “Mom’s en suite is available. Everyone who hasn’t gone yet, line up at the bathrooms!” In a flash, she was off the bed and first one down the hall to Mom’s room.

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About Laramie Sasseville: 

Laramie Sasseville was born in Minneapolis Minnesota and lived there most of her life, so is long-familiar with winters that may not impress Canadians or residents of Antarctica, but should impress anyone else. The winter temperatures at times go lower than those on the surface of Mars. This environment has taught her the value of warm communities and dressing for the weather. She's also loved stories of fantasy, folklore and speculative fiction since first learning to read and is active in her local f/sf fan community. 'The Winter Knife' takes its inspiration from the folklore of the loggers of the northwoods of Minnesota, Michigan and the upper midwest area of the USA in a previous century. 

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