Thursday, July 27, 2017

Soulmate (Vampirica, Book 3) by Aria Sparke

Release date: July 19, 2017
Subgenre: Urban fantasy, paranormal romance

About Soulmate:

Spurred on by her need to discover Flynn’s fate and resist Tarek’s demands, Lily Winter sets sail for Galdrar Academy on Bylur, a hidden island west of Iceland. Distraught and adrift without the love of her life, she must find a way to keep going. She returns to basics and discovers her heritage with witches and dhampirs in a magic school set in a fairytale castle. In the strange land of Bylur with its long winter nights, blue thermal lakes and snow-covered landscape, Lily confronts wild creatures and freakish events. With the help of new friends and the witches, Ebba and Rose, Lily discovers old magic and the secrets of her wand. Will they be enough for her to reconnect with her true soulmate?



Yesterday when I touched down in Iceland, I was struggling to believe my soulmate, Flynn was still alive. Although I refused to descend into mourning, the sadness and loss I felt were nearly as bad. I was detached from the world, adrift in an empty universe while enduring the searing pain of his absence. No one could tell me where he was or if he were still alive. The worst scenario was that he was captive. Over and over I imagined him in the Berishas’ stronghold and Vincent, the head of their clan torturing him. Death would be preferable. At the other end of the spectrum, I visualized an impossible angel far away nursing him to health. I knew the reality lay somewhere between, but none of the witches saw the truth in their visions. Only Martin, Flynn’s identical twin brother gave me some assurance my soulmate was still alive. He told me if Flynn had died he would know. I chose to believe him because if I didn’t, I’d have no choice but to curl up and die.

When Ebba and Rose, the two ancient witches I’d met at the Anubis Ball, greeted me at Iceland’s Keflavik Airport, I was oddly comforted. They were a pair of proper storybook witches dressed in no-nonsense black dresses and with their broom handle legs thrust into black lace-up shoes. Rose had scooped up my luggage with her elongated hands and an athleticism belying her age while Ebba regarded me with her one green and one blue eye. I wanted to draw these elderly strangers to me and hug them. I just needed contact—skin on skin, heartbeat to heartbeat—anything.

‘Lovely you could join us,’ Rose said in her rough voice.

‘You missed the commotion at Anubis College.’ My words sounded mechanical and detached. ‘The Berishas attacked us. I couldn’t stay there, but I didn’t know where to go. It wasn’t safe to go to my father. The Berishas know about me now.’

Rose and Ebba listened but didn’t comment.

‘My friend Flynn, the young dhampir you met, was injured and vanished.’ It hurt even to say his name aloud. ‘I still don’t know if they took him and whether he’s dead.’

‘Your lover?’ said Rose as she rubbed her bony and arthritic hands together.

‘The distraction?’ Ebba said at the same time. She grabbed the last of my bags as though it was weightless.

I sighed and nodded. There was no point starting off on the wrong foot by showing my pain.




About Aria Sparke:

Aria is a fantasy and paranormal author who writes for readers of all ages. Her new series, Vampirica follows the loves and lives of Lily and Avery, brave and beautiful witches. The Vampirica universe overflows with vampires and dhampirs, dangerous and dazzling, who make love and war on shifting nightscapes in North America, Australia and the ancient, Icelandic Galdrar Academy.



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