Thursday, November 23, 2017

Evolution's Child by Dean Rencraft

Release date: October 25, 2017
Subgenre: Dytopian fiction, Genetic engineering

About Evolution's Child:


The government is playing a dangerous game. Using human and animal genomes to force evolutionary changes, they expand their project into the real world, unleashing a pathogen containing an entirely new set of complications for the world.

Seventeen year old Wren Shaffer is disenchanted with the world's decreasing values and the utterly fake nature of high society. Having reaped the consequences of speaking out once before, now she hides behind a pretty mask of lies, counting the days until her eighteenth birthday.

Coming back from vacation with her disinterested and self-involved mother, Wren is one of the 1% severely affected by the pathogen. Now, alone and increasingly afraid of the odd new feelings and abilities she can't ignore, she bonds with two of the lab's original subjects, who are determined to save her not only from her first evolution, but from her life of fake smiles and pretty pictures as well.

But the scientists are still watching and not all of the subjects are fit for society. It’s a race against time and a fight for survival and if Wren or one of her new soul-mates die, the other two won't be far behind.

Content Warning: Some explicit language and graphic violence.



“Can I help you?” she asked calmly, not even trying to free his grasp in her haste.
“You’re one of them aren’t you?” he hissed, his brown eyes sparking with a maniacal light.
“I’m sorry?” Wren lowered her voice and looked at him more closely. “Who are you?” she asked. There was a sharp pinch in her arm, followed by a stinging pain and Wren looked to see that something in his hand had cut a small thin line across her skin. She watched as several tiny bubbles formed and then stilled. Stunned, she pulled her arm from his tight grip and was surprised when she needed to use some of her new found strength to manage it. Alarmed now, she pushed against the boy’s chest and made him stumble before righting himself once more, his intense gaze still locked to her own.
“What’s going on?” Jake asked as he and Jayden finally pushed through the thinning horde.
Wren didn’t move her eyes from the boy, not sure what she was feeling but knowing something was horribly wrong. “He isn’t right,” she whispered for their ears alone, making Jayden smoothly step between them as Jake moved closer to the kid, who was now glaring at all three of them, the fire in his eyes brighter and hotter than it had been.
“Who are you?” Jake asked, making the youth turn his head to focus on the tall young man, easily twice his weight and looking serious and intimidating in all black with a scowl marring his perfect features.
“You’ll all die you know,” he rasped. “Every one of you… you shouldn’t be here.” With those damning words the boy turned to Wren and slashed out at her with something she couldn’t see, nimbly dodging past Jake and Jayden to reach her.
“Especially you,” the sinister voice turned harder and his eyes grew bright with hate and malice as he started laughing, ducking under and around the two sets of arms trying to discreetly catch him.
“You’re worse than they are… you’ll be worse than them all!” with those final malevolent words, the boy twisted so quickly that they all missed his advance, slashing low and inside of her defense, squarely catching her right side just above the hip. She gasped and jumped back at the sharp sting of pain that quickly started to burn as it moved through her. Too distracted to see where the little demon had gone, but knowing he had left by the guy’s low curses and the sense of determined pursuit from Jake, Wren sat down abruptly, feeling waves of nausea and dizziness rushing through her and adding to the pain that continued to escalate in its intensity.


About Dean Rencraft:

Dean Rencraft is an eclectic and enthusiastic reader of all genres and a new Author of Epic fantasy/fantasy, appropriate for both teens and adults. Born in the beautiful Black Hills, Dean has traveled extensively and now, as a parent with grown children, enjoys spending time reading, researching, camping and hiking. Legally blind and a long term victim of APS, writing is now the Author's greatest joy and main pursuit, escaping into the world of Fantasy and using the proceeds for experimental treatments and technology. 


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