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Taken By The Tigerlord (Space Shifters Chronicles, Book 2) by Kara Lockharte

Release date: November 15, 2017
Subgenre: Science fiction shift romance

About Taken By The Tigerlord:


He loved, lied, then left her.
Now she's supposed to marry him?!

Newly disowned princess Seria is tired of shifters trying to control her destiny. All Seria wants is to return to the orderly librarian life she had before scheming royals got involved in her future. But when she inadvertently becomes a political pawn trapped in marriage to the handsome oversexed tigershifter who betrayed her, it will take all of her resourcefulness to fight her true desires...

Destiny says she's his.
And that he will cause her death.

Tigerlord Kai of the House of Stargazer has always known he was destined to die a hero. But when a power play for his position drops his luscious fated mate into his inner sanctum, Kai realizes Seria's crucial role in his doomed destiny. Saving the universe will require sacrificing not only his life, but also hers. It’s a fate he’ll do anything to change, even if it costs him her love…

You can’t fight fate…unless you’re a Tigerlord…..




When humanity ventured beyond First Earth, they found kin among the stars. Engineered from human DNA as living weapons, the ancient Ealen had scattered werewolves and tigershifters across various star systems thousands of years ago. When the Ealen went extinct, the tigers and wolves forged themselves into rival galactic empires contesting the planets of their makers.
Millennia of near constant warfare between the tigers and wolves ended two hundred years ago, when the humans of the United Coalition of First Earth reached the stars and brokered a cold peace that has prevented massive scale war.
Until now.


Chapter 1

Day 447, Eighth Month, Year 2257
Kalasharv Castle, House Stargazer, Tigrantine Empire, Altai

If I could make it to the next balcony and jump, the cliff would break my fall.
Free-climbing across a weathered stone wall a couple of hundred clicks in the air, while wearing an itchy wedding bodice required intense focus. Specifically, not looking down.
I made the mistake of glancing below. The maw of the canyon gaped, unending in its darkness. The world started to spin while terror grabbed at my stomach.
I squeezed my eyes shut and willed my breathing to slow.
When I finally opened my eyes again, I could see a group of dactyls, each the size of a man’s head, their leathery wings fluttering. Brutal but effective security against exactly what I was doing. With a makeshift blow gun while my captors weren’t watching, I had been slowly depopulating the swarm that nested just below my balcony. I’d never get rid of them all, I had killed enough of the toothy things to give me a chance of escape. There were sensors undoubtedly embedded in the wall and some silent alarm was probably going off somewhere. But if I could get to the next balcony quickly, it wouldn’t matter. The flight suit I had snuck into my rooms, and now wore over the stupid bodice, would complete its charging by then, enough for a short flight out of the castle boundaries.
If it actually worked.
I didn’t have much experience with flight suits, any to be exact, and the wedding bodice I wore underneath it made it itch.
My handhold disintegrated and I fumbled at the marble head of a snarling dragon.
It seemed like forever, but eventually, I got to the balcony railing. In relative safety, I leaned against one of the door-flanking columns while sweat poured from my skin.
I had captured space pirates, escaped from the Alpha of Nightclaw and journeyed my way across the universe to see the Kai. But the prospect of truly coming face to face with the Tigerlord-who-never-told-me-who-he-really-was brought a bitter realization to me — if I stayed, I would be instrumental in his downfall and I couldn’t let that happen. Escape was the only option.
The lights in the room adjoining the balcony flickered on and my pulse jumped to a million beats a second. I melted into the wall.
Calm down. The chances that whoever it was would come out to the balcony were small.
The inner doors opened. Kai’s voice filtered through.
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About Kara Lockharte:

Kara Lockharte is the author of the Space Shifter Chronicles. She loves writing romances with sexy alpha alien shifters and strong heroines.

She lives on Planet Earth


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