Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Flying Glass (Fanglewick School of Magic, Book 1) by E.M. Cooper

Release date:  November 16, 2017
Subgenre: Middle Grade Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy

About The Flying Glass


Marnie Speck arrives at her new foster home in Downfell, Northern England with her crusty social worker, Miss Baxter. Marnie guards a rose-covered case with hidden secrets and the only link to her past and future. A telescope, old glass and a strange librarian unleash the potential of a new and extraordinary life far away at the Fanglewick School of Magic in the Old World. But first Marnie must find a way to cross the demonic halo like aspiring young wizards, witches and elves have for centuries.

In a strange but beautiful landscape inhabited by haughty wizards, ratbag witches and ambitious elves, Marnie fights for a place in Fanglewick, where magic begins and ends. The school sits on the repository of magic and flows through Shining Lake and beyond to the multiverse. Over time, Fanglewick has lured heroes, kings, queens and dark beasts. Wizards, goblins and their dragon-riding armies have waged terrible wars to possess and control its treasure. For now there is peace, yet there are rumblings in the Imporium where scheming wizards and elves work in the magical government and a new presence is lurking in the forests and grounds of Fanglewick.



The cloud room
Marnie Speck looked towards the heavens for a sign but saw instead through a flurry of snowflakes, the eagle beak and whiskery chin of her social worker, Miss Irma Baxter. She urged Marnie to hurry as they strode along the greasy city streets of Downfell against the tide of weary workers rushing home in the wintry gloom. Traffic fumes and city grime left the air thick and heavy, filling Marnie’s lungs. She studied the passing faces, checking compulsively as she always did, but a flicker of light, luminescent and purple, over the buildings to her right distracted her. The strange light fingered over rooftops. Pulsating clouds parted for a few moments while the full moon bulged from the night sky.
‘What was that? Did you see the flash?’
‘Stop your chattering.’ Miss Baxter hugged her coat to her chest. ‘Hurry up.’
‘But the purple light ... didn’t you see it?’
Miss Baxter’s lips drew taut over her dull teeth. ‘In my day, we never contradicted our elders.’
Marnie knew Miss Baxter was thinking of supper and her warm bed and nothing would dissuade her from her mission. She could barely keep up with her stout guardian as she marched with determination, her heels clicking like frenzied chisels on the pavement, grinding the snow to slush.
Monitoring the oncoming walkers, Marnie was astounded to see how strange some of them seemed. Most were ordinary Downfellians, weary and bent, vacant eyes glued to their feet, urged on by the promise of families, dinner and sleep. Amongst the tide, Marnie spotted the odd: a smiling woman with silver eyes, the weird boy with sharp teeth and dreadlocks and the old man in a grey cloak who chuckled at the evening sky. Marnie didn’t miss the scurry of white cats fleeing over the rooftops or the shimmer of iridescent blue butterflies skimming over the snow. Downfell was magnificent and thrilled her to the tips of her frozen fingers and toes.
When they reached the door of number three Hirst Street, Marnie’s anticipation grew at the sight of warmly lit windows and sound of human laughter inside the mansion. Miss Baxter climbed to the top step and adjusted her sensible tweed coat before knocking impatiently. Marnie shivered as the snow swirled around her skinny ankles and up her flimsy dress. Slipping on the step, she fell forwards. To avoid smashing her nose, she clutched at the prickly legs of Miss Baxter, who recoiled, unaccustomed to human contact let alone the simple touch of a young girl.
‘Pull yourself together,’ Miss Baxter said. ‘No one likes a needy child.’
Marnie ducked her head and withdrew her hands. When the door finally opened, she smiled at the rush of warmth and waft of cinnamon.
‘Good evening, Mrs Arnold. I have another girl,’ said Miss Baxter using her nice voice.


About E.M. Cooper:

E.M. Cooper is an Australian author who enjoys writing fantasy for readers from middle grade and up.  She has written the five book fantasy series, Xavier and a paranormal fantasy series for older readers under another pen name.


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