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Dragon's Egg (Dark Streets, Book 2) by B.R. Kingsolver

Release date: June 18, 2018
Subgenre: Urban Fantasy

About Dragon's Egg:


When did I become everyone’s paranormal Miss Fixit?

When the Lords of the Icelandic Elves summon me to use my talents to find a lost Dragon's egg, I find it hard to say no. I've seen what a Dragon can do, and a young, just-hatched Dragon is a being of pure destruction.

But word of the egg gets out, and the race to find it begins. Mages from many realms are in the hunt—including a Dragon—and they don’t always play well together. Unless I want to join the casualties, I need to find that egg and return it to where it belongs. Luckily, I have help, but I wish that damned golden-haired, golden-winged Nephilim would keep his shirt on.




Whether she was acknowledging my statement, or giving a signal, servants appeared and served our meal. The food was simple, a roast leg of lamb with root vegetables covered with a sauce, seasoned with herbs I hadn’t tasted since Midgard. I wondered if I could buy some of the seeds. The wine was French.

As was the custom, our dinner conversation avoided business. They asked about my flight, about Washington, and about my life in Midgard. I asked about their crops and entertainments. After dinner, we were served fruit tarts and aperitif glasses of agavirna, a potent Elven liqueur.

“I’m sure that you are curious as to why we invited you,” Lady Erinir eventually said. “I think that discussion should wait until tomorrow. What I will say tonight, is that the ability to feel magic, and interpret those feelings, is very rare. We have been informed that you might have that ability.”

“I’m not a mage, my lady, only a witch. An alchemist by training, but with no special abilities that other Elves do not have.”

She regarded me, then said, “So you aren’t able to tell that Altinir is a weather mage?”

“But he’s not. He’s a battle mage and portal mage. You’re the weather mage.”

“And Lady Minirin?”

“She’s a healer, and also a diviner.” I shook my head. “I don’t understand. Such things are plain for anyone to see.”

Minirin held out her hand, holding a polished and carved stick about two feet long. “And what is this?”

“A vincintor. For use on plants, not for people or animals.” Vincintors were magical devices used to diagnose illnesses. Such artifacts were created by alchemists, and I had manufactured my share. I had never seen the need for those to be used on plants. Surely anyone could tell why a plant was sick.

“And this?” Erinir asked, holding up a round red crystal the size of a golf ball.

“I believe that is a ruby,” I said, trying to keep my eyes from popping out of my head. I had never seen a gemstone that large in my life. It had to be worth at least two fortunes.

“Yes, but what kind of magic does it hold?” she asked.

“None,” I answered.

She held up her other hand with what looked like a twin to the first ruby. “And this one?”

I stared in astonishment and my mouth went dry. “Danu merde. That holds enough energy to blow this house to the moon.”

The three of them exchanged looks.

“Despite what you may think,” Altinir said, “Not a one of us at this table can do what you’ve just done. Nor have I ever met anyone who could. Not here, not in Alfheim. Most mages would need to cast a spell to divine the nature of these objects. You have a very special gift.”

“And that is why we have asked you to come,” Elinir said. “We received reports of your abilities in tracking down a statue, and we need to find an object.”

“What kind of object?”

“Someone has brought a Dragon’s egg to Earth.”




About B.R. Kingsolver:

BR Kingsolver, author of the Telepathic Clans and Chameleon Assassin series, grew up surrounded by writers, artists, myths, and folklore in Santa Fe, The City Different, in the Land of Enchantment.

After living all over the US and exploring the world--from Amsterdam to the Romanian Alps, and Russia to the Rocky Mountains--Kingsolver trades time between Baltimore and Albuquerque. With an education in nursing and biology and a Master's degree in business, Kingsolver has done everything from construction to newspaper editor and jewelry to computers.

Kingsolver, a passionate lifetime skier, currently spends time writing and working with computers while living nine blocks from the harbor in Baltimore as servant in residence to a very demanding cat.

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