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The Sunkiller Affair (Doc Vandal Adventures, Book 5) by Dave Robinson

Release date: June 14, 2018
Subgenre: Pulp Adventure, Dieselpunk

About The Sunkiller Affair:


When Vic Frank is arrested on trumped up charges while Doc Vandal and the team are searching for a kidnapped scientist, explaining it to her mother is the least of Doc’s problems.
He’s also got to deal with… Vic’s irate girlfriend Ming… Nazis infiltrating the NYPD… and whoever just broke into the 87th floor of the Republic State Building and stole the plans for a device that can blow up the Sun!
Join Doc Vandal and the team in a fight against the Technarchy’s flying commandos, the German American Bund, and the vacuum of space itself!
Enjoy a complete pulp adventure with Nazis, talking gorillas, and Zeppelins in Spaaaace!




Vic held Ming’s hand as they came up the steps from the subway station, bulling her way through the crowd. They had just come from an early dinner at Delmonico’s; Vic’s treat because she didn’t have a hope of keeping up with Ming in the kitchen. She had traded a little on her title to get reservations on short notice, but the smile on Ming’s face was worth an evening of having to listen to the waiters call her “Countess.”
The wind had a bit of an edge, but after spending the summer in Antarctica and the fall in Siberia anything above freezing was a Godsend. That didn’t stop her from rolling up her collar to take the brunt of the wind.
“Cold, honey?” Ming asked. “You know you shouldn’t be pushing yourself too hard. We still don’t know if you’ll have any lasting effects from the Tunguskite.”
Vic sighed; Tunguskite was an extra-terrestrial mineral she had been exposed to on their last adventure. While she had almost died several times, she was better now. If anything she was stronger than before. Not that anything like that mattered to Ming; Vic was pretty sure that deep down, Ming thought she was significantly more fragile than a blown glass ornament.
“I’m fine; remember, I was a little girl in Siberia before the Revolution.”
“And you were almost a little corpse in Siberia less than three weeks ago,” Ming shot back. “Would it kill you to take it easy? Don’t answer that.”
Vic squeezed Ming’s hand; she knew she wasn’t easy to live with even at the best of times. Ming had stuck with her through an awful lot though. “I can try; but I don’t promise anything.”
“How about a nice peaceful walk back to the Republic State Building; holding my hand.”
Vic grinned. “I think I can manage that.”
She strode forwards, swinging their linked hands together.
They had made it about halfway up the block when a commotion caught Vic's attention. Two men in brown suits were trying to hustle a young woman into the back of a yellow sedan. They were parked between street lamps so it was hard to make out much detail, but it didn’t look like she wanted to go with them. Vic squeezed Ming's hand as they continued towards the group. Just then, Vic heard the sound of a slap as one of the men's head rocked back.
"Go on," Ming said. "She needs you."
No sooner had the words reached her ears than Vic had dropped Ming's hand and sprinted towards the young woman. She might not be able to beat an airship cross country anymore, but she could still shave over three seconds off Jesse Owens' best in the hundred. Vic bounced the first man's head off the roof of the car before anyone but Ming knew she had moved. The second man reached into his coat only to catch Vic's foot in the side of his head and crumple like a sack of potatoes.
"Are you alright, Miss?" Vic asked, keeping one eye on the car.
"Goodwin, Lyn Goodwin," the young woman answered; her eyes wide behind her glasses. “Yes, I think I’m alright now.”
Vic looked at the two men who were still lying on the sidewalk. Both looked to be still breathing, though the bruises they were raising were almost as bright as the matching tie-pins they wore. Featuring a gold sun over a red and white monad they were bright and almost gaudy, looking totally out of place against the brown suits.




About the Doc Vandal Adventures



About Dave Robinson:

I’m Dave, and I write. I’m also a father, a reader, gamer, a comic fan, and a hockey fan.

The problem with those terms is that they don’t so much describe as label me; the map is not the territory. Calling me a father says nothing about how my daughter thinks I’m silly. It ignores the essence of the relationship for the convenience of simplicity. It’s the same with my love of books, comics, role-playing games, and hockey; labels miss all the good parts.

The best way to understand me is to read my works. Writing is like telepathy; it’s a window from one mind to another. The Doc Vandal series is my attempt to recreate what I like to describe as “Yesterday’s Tomorrow.” This is my homage to the pulps, from Doc Savage and the Shadow to Astounding Stories, Planet Stories and so much more. Expect to see giant robots, alien races, lost cities, and world-spanning conspiracies. I call it dieselpulp dialed to eleven, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

If you want a biography: I was born in the UK, grew up in Canada, and have spent time in the US. I’ve been freelancing for the last decade. As a freelancer, I’ve done everything from blog posts to novels. Before that, and in no particular order, I’ve managed a bookstore, worked in a pawnshop, been the guy you get transferred to when you ask a phone rep for a supervisor, and even cleaned carpets for a living.

Right now, I’m working on Doc Vandal and the team’s next adventure.


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