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Knight Flyers (Knight Flyers, Book 1) by Ann McCune

Release date: June 7, 2018
Subgenre: YA fantasy, Paranormal romance

About Knight Flyers:


If you fall asleep within a twenty-mile radius of Twisted Pines without a dreamcatcher, chances are you’ll never wake up. The locals call it the sleeping death, doctors usually call it altitude-induced cardiac arrest, but it doesn’t matter, it’s still a one-way ticket to the afterlife.

Liz Lawson always slept under a dreamcatcher. She even had one hanging from the rearview mirror of her Jeep, just to be on the safe side. She had no idea where it ended up the night she hit the moose, but for the first time she didn’t need it.

Shawn Ericson, a gorgeous stranger, saved Liz from the monster trying to kill her in her dream, and changed her life forever.
Shawn said Liz wouldn’t remember the dream, but Liz always remembered hers. When Liz found out Shawn was a Knight Flyer and part of a super-secret group whose mission was to save people from the monsters plaguing their dreams, she wanted to know why he kept invading her dreams and why she was the only non-knight who remembers them.

The last few months of her junior year of high school are anything but boring as Liz battles the monsters in her dreams, learns she isn’t a typical sixteen-year-old, and deals with high school drama.

This series has been rated PG-13 by Ann McCune, due to graphic violence, and clean young love.




I went to the coat closet under the stairs and pulled the door open. The bare bulb light was on and swaying slightly, causing the light to bounce off the walls in the claustrophobic space. I didn’t know if it was the light or the small space, but my stomach rolled and I resisted the urge to throw up. Billy was huddled in the corner with his face buried in his knees. “Billy are you alright?” I bent down in front of him and put my hand on his head.
Moving almost too fast for me to see, Billy grabbed one of my hands and pulled me into the closet while the door slammed closed, locking me in with him. He looked up at me, and I realized it wasn’t Billy. Its face was long and hollow, its skin sucked tight to the bones of its face like it was starved. Where its nose should have been, was smooth skin with two slits to breathe through. Where its eyes should have been, were black unseeing holes. I felt like if I looked at them too long they would suck me into their abyss, and I would never escape.
I screamed and tried to pull my arm out of its grip, but it only squeezed harder. I made a fist with my free hand and punched it in the face with every ounce of strength I had. Instead of hurting it and forcing it to let me go, my hand bounced off as if I punched a rubber ball. The monster grabbed my free hand and laughed. I was trapped.
“You can’t get away now that I found you, Martröð Veiðimaður,” its dry croaking voice said, flashing razor-sharp teeth at me.
“Let me go,” I said as tears started to fall down my face. I wanted to kick it, punch it, stab its eyes—even though it had none—but it had my hands in a vicelike grip. It pulled me to the floor and I could not get my legs underneath me to stand. It started to pull me closer to its mouth. When my face was a few inches away, it opened its mouth, giving me an up-close look at its teeth. I screamed again and closed my eyes. How was I going to survive this monster?
Someone pounded on the door startling the monster. I opened my eyes as it loosened its grip, and I pulled my arms away from it and pushed myself back against the door, ready to kick it if it came at me again. “Help.” I screamed.
“Watch out I’m going to blow the door open,” a male voice I didn’t recognize called.
“I have nowhere else to go. I’m on the floor in front of the door and its coming for me again.” I braced my hands on the floor, on either side of me, forcing them to take my weight, so I could kick the monster if it came within range. | Amazon UK


About Ann McCune:

Ann lives on forty acres in Northwest Colorado with two dogs (Ajax and Achilles), an ever-changing number of barn cats and her husband.

She enjoys writing about the Heroines Journey in the paranormal-fantasy universe, because writing about everyday life is boring. She loves taking a character who thinks she is weak and showing her how strong she really is.


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