Monday, May 18, 2015

As the Ash Fell by AJ Powers

 Release date: May 1, 2015
Subgenre: Post-apocalyptic science fiction

About As the Ash Fell:

Life in the frozen wastelands of Texas is anything but easy, but for Clay Whitaker there is always more at stake than mere survival.

Yellowstone, along with two other Super Volcanoes, exploded with a tremendous fury following months of heightened seismic activity worldwide. The devastating eruptions released unmeasurable quantities of ash into the atmosphere. Coastlines were changed. New canyons were formed. Temperatures plummeted, dragging economies down, too. With no real way to sustain order, governments around the world began to fold, societies collapsed.

It’s been seven years since the ash rained down from the sky. Populations are thinning. Food is scarce. Despair overwhelming. Clay and his sister Megan have taken a handful of orphaned children into their home—a home soaring 16 stories into the sky. Providing for his adopted family is a 24/7 job for Clay. And with roughly six short months a year to gather enough food and supplies to last the long, brutal winter, Clay is forced to spend much of his time away from home—scavenging, hunting, and bartering.

Despite the vicious, unforgiving world he lives in, Clay has grown accustomed to his new life. That is, until he meets Kelsey Lambert.

Now, with winter rolling in earlier than ever, Clay must swiftly adapt to the changes in his life to ensure the safety of those he cares about.



It started with a rumble, then another…Finally, the Cascadia fault line released a massive earthquake which devastated the Pacific Northwest. Less than a week later, the world would come to find out that the Cascadia quakes were just a foreshock to dozens of high magnitude quakes around the globe, devastating hundreds of major cities across the world. Canyons formed through the middle of metropolitan areas. Trillions of dollars in damage in mere hours. Millions of lives lost in a few short weeks. The governments around the world, friend and foe, banded together to pick up the pieces from the devastation, demonstrating one of mankind’s finest hours. Then it happened…

Seven years after Yellowstone erupted, life in the frozen wastelands of Texas was only getting harder. Struggling to find a way to provide for his adopted family of ten, Clay and his sister Megan scramble to prepare for the long, harsh winter months that are arriving earlier than ever.

Living at the top of a 16 story office building in a small downtown area, Clay and Megan do their best to make life comfortable and normal for the kids—giving them the kind of childhood Clay and Megan grew up with. A task that’s easier said than done in the cold, gray world they now live in.

On his way back from a small trading town about a day’s hike away, Clay rescues a young woman by the name of Kelsey Lambert from a pack of Screamers—a group of sadistic night dwellers hell-bent on inflicting carnage on anyone they can find. After a daring escape, Clay escorts Kelsey back home where he meets the head of the small community she lives in, Jake Watson.

Watson’s ranch quickly becomes a favorite trading post for Clay. Not just because they have fresh dairy and produce, but because Clay enjoys visiting with Kelsey.

Over time, Clay and Kelsey become good friends. They spend most of their time together hunting and scavenging—searching for anything that will help with the approaching winter. As Kelsey’s trust in Clay grows, she slowly reveals more about her past…and her present.

With time running out, and tensions running high, Clay must adapt to the changes in his life to ensure that those he cares about are taken care of.




About AJ Powers:

 AJ Powers is a professional game developer working on some of the biggest franchises in the game world--Halo, Call of Duty, and Borderlands to name a few. However, once he leaves the fluorescent pit of polygons and PBR materials, he switches gears into a reading, writing monster fueled by Code Red. His first full-length novel, As the Ash Fell, is due out in May 2015. In addition to writing, AJ also does his own cover art, as well as covers for various other indie authors.

AJ resides in Austin, Texas with his beautiful wife, Lia, and their two incredible children. They also have a dog that really could use some braces.

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